Find out the age of your Hummel Figurine

Hummel Figurines have been a part of many peoples lives over the year. There is a Hummel Figurine out there for almost every occasion; starting from “A Flower For You” to “Zealous Xylophonist”. Boys and girls doing everyday duties from picking apples to delivering letters. I remember the Hummel Figurines that where always on the shelf just out of my reach when I was a little kid running around grandma’s house. Now you may want to find out the age of the Hummel Figurine you remember so fondly.

If you are looking for a Hummel value chart then read the M.I. Hummel Figurines and Collectibles Value Chart – Hummel Price Guide.

Find the Age of your Hummel form the Hummel Date Stamp Chart

To find out how old your Hummel is look on the underside of your Hummel Figurine and find the Goebel stamp or makers mark. This mark is the official trademark of Goebel. The look of the trademark has varied since 1935. See the Hummel date stamp chart below; every authentic M.I.Hummel figurine will have a Goebel stamp on its underside. Most of the known marks used over the years are shown here. Nevertheless, from time to time, a rare and undocumented variation may surface.

After you find the Goebel stamp compare it to the ones in the Hummel date stamp chart below.

Hummel Age Guide

Hummel Age Guide

  • TMK 1 – 1935-1949
  • TMK 2 – 1950-1956
  • TMK 3 – 1957-1963
  • TMK 4 – 1964-1971
  • TMK 5 – 1972-1978
  • TMK 6 – 1979-1990
  • TMK 7 – 1991-1999
  • TMK 8 – 2000-Present

If you are not sure about something just leave a comment below and I will try to clear it up for you.

When posting comment please make sure the comment is related to identifying the age of the Hummel. If you have a Hummel value related question then please see the Hummel Price Guide page.


  1. david kief says:

    i have several hummel, i think, figurines i found at my mothers house. the markings underneath are 2 arrows crossing and the numbers 7961 on two of them but they are different figures and 8219 on the other one. are they authentic? thanks for answering

  2. korin says:

    @David, These figurines are Arnartcreation. One of the main artists was Erich Stauffer he signed his figurines in the 1940’s. This could have been during WWII when Germany could not export to the USA. The figurines were made in Japan and are Hummel Imitations.

  3. Beth Coffin says:

    I would like to know if my Erich Stauffer figurines are worth anything. How can I find this out.

  4. Korin says:

    Hi Beth, Erich Stauffer figurines are worth about $10-$35 USD per figurine. This depends on the condition of the figurine and what the figurine is depicting.

  5. Sue says:

    My mom gave me this Hummel ashtray that she says was given to her by a friend who returned from Germany “during the war” It has a girl with a red scarf with white polka dots that looks like she is singing (and possibly kniting), and has a bird in her hand (along with knitting needles?), and on the rim of the ashtray ther is a blackbird singing also, and then what looks like a ball of yarn in the ashtray part itself. It does say M.I. Hummel on the side of the ashtray, and has a stamped mark along with the number 62. Can you tell me anything more about this and is it authentic? She has no box or anything,

  6. Korin says:

    Hi Sue,
    This Hummel ashtray is number 62 Happy Past time. These ashtray were made around 1935. As for authenticity… it appears to be authentic as you have mentioned that the Hummel has the M.I Hummel signature and trademark stamp.

    The average fair market value for the Happy past time Hummel ashtray figurine #62 is about $45 – $60.

    This is the information I can give you without viewing a picture of your Hummel ashtray figurine

  7. Annette says:

    Hello. I have 13 Hummels that have various markings on them. The question I have is on 9 of them they are marked with Western Germany. Can you tell me if these are authentic or imitations?

  8. Korin Iverson says:

    Hi Annette,
    Without seeing a picture of the figurines it is hard to confirm the authenticity. Genuine Hummel figurines will have a Goebel mark like the ones in the chart above or will be signed by M.I. Hummel. If it just says “Made in West Germany” then that would lead me to believe that they are not genuine Hummel figurines. Erich Stauffer made Hummel like figurines that came from West Germany. I would say these figurines are from him.

  9. Mary Quish says:

    Does the marking on the hummel affect its value? Are hummels from one time period (the 60’s for example) worth more than more recent era hummels?


  10. Hi Mary,
    An older Hummel can be worth more than a newer one depending on its condition and rarity. Some Hummel’s are limited to a short or limited production. This will also affect the value of a Hummel. The marking on the Hummel is its trademark stamp. The trademark is a good way to determine the date and authenticity of the Hummel. This trademark can affect the value. Collectors may only be interested in a certain trademark. This will increase the value of Hummel’s during that time period.

  11. lisa says:

    My mother has several Hummels with the Goebel mark, I know one is Happy Traveler, will have to check the rest.. she also has a very large Hummel {I think it’s a boy reading a book} which she found at my grandmother’s house, at one time, she believes my grandmother had the girl and the boy both reading a book, does it decrease the value to have only one? Any idea on the values of the Happy Traveler or the large one, I seem to remember the title Bookworm…thanks!

  12. Hi Lisa,
    The approximate value of the ‘Happy Traveler’ Hummel is between $75 to $230 depending on the trademark stamp it has. You can use the chart above to determine the trademark of your Hummel. The ‘Bookworm’ Hummel is more rare and is worth approximately $250 to $400 depending on the trademark. The figurines were sold separately and the value is not affected unless they are a bookend set. These are retail values at auction the price can be 1/3 of the retail price. In the case of the bookworm Hummel it may see higher prices at auction. But the two factors that will affect the value of the Hummels the most are the current market conditions and the condition the Hummels are in.

  13. Kay Brahaney says:

    I have found what a Hummel figurine with a very small label on the rim “Apple Tree Girl”. It has a backstamp with the numbers 141/1(or 7) and the “V” with the bee inside. This has a slightly embedded circle around it. Beside this “V” are the words: “Western Germany”. I can’t find anything to help me date this or put a value on it. Can you help me?

  14. Korin says:

    Hi Kay,
    Without seeing the trademark stamp I would say your figurine is from 1960-1963. Appletree Girl #141/1 should be 6 inch tall. There is a 3.5 inch figurine # 141/4/O. The suggested retail value is $369.00 Fair Market Value is $90.00 but prices are as low as $30.00 – 40.00 on Ebay. These prices are based of mint condition figurines. If there is any condition problem it will affect the value of the Hummel figurine.

  15. Kay Brahaney says:


  16. Janet says:

    Have several Hummel figurines and 2 plates. Also Girl in Apple Tree lamp with shade in excellent condition. Wondering what the lamp is worth.

  17. HUM 229 – Apple Tree Girl, Table Lamp.
    This lamp was first modeled in 1953 by master sculptor Arthur Moeller and has been redesigned several times. Older lamps have a much larger figure but the post still measures 7.50 inches and 4.25″ across base. Other names for this figurine are: “Spring” or “Springtime”. “Apple Tree Girl” table lamp was (TW) “Temporarily Withdrawn” from the North American market on 31 December 1989, but may be reinstated at some future date. Still available on European market

    7.50″ Trademark 2 $900-1000 Retail
    7.50″ Trademark 3 $475-525 Retail
    7.50″ Trademark 4 $425-475 Retail
    7.50″ Trademark 5 $400-425 Retail
    7.50″ Trademark 6 $375-400 Retail

    Auction price will be approximately 1/3 of the retail price.
    Ebay prices may be as low as 1/4 of the retail price.

  18. Lee says:

    My wife has a Hummel that her grandfather gave her. It is not a figurine but a square. It is approx. 4 1/2 wide and 5″ tall. The trademark looks like the second one on the list from the 1935 – 1949 period. There is a piece of paper on the back the size of a stamp that says:

    R 63
    11 – 46
    E 20/100
    S 0.85

    Is there anyway you could provide some insight on this piece and what it’s value might be. I can send pictures if you would like.

  19. Hi Lee,

    I will need to see your Hummel to determine the value. Please send pictures of your Hummel to

  20. Hi Lee,
    The Hummel is #93 “Little Fiddler” wall plaque. Hummel made a variety of porcelain items. Hummel is mainly known for their figurines. The trademark does date this wall plaque between 1935 – 1949. I would say the age is approximately late 30’s to the early 40’s. The approximate value of your Hummel figurine wall plaque is Retail $125 to $150 Fair market value (Auction) $75.00 Ebay price $55.00

  21. Cary says:

    Hi, We have 3 hummels that all state “made in the USA” on the bottom, however state “original hummel reproduction” I am wondering if these are worth more then $5. I assisting in an estate sale, and I would like to get the best value for the items. Thank you, CaryAnn

  22. Korin says:

    Hi Cary,

    I believe the Hummel figurines are reproductions. A genuine Hummel figurine would be from West Germany. There value would be $5.00 to $10.00 for all three. I would suggest selling them as a boxed lot to get the best value.

  23. I have a hummel that has written in script, M I Hummel across the base of a figurine approx 6 inches high. The subject is a boy carrying a closed umbrella under his left arm while both hands are in his pockets. He is kicking his leg high in the air and has an empty straw basket on his back. The trademark is a large blue bee inside a v inside a depressed circle with the word Germany underneath.
    Is this rare? How much do you think this might be worth?

  24. Korin says:

    Hi Jane,
    Can you tell me if there are any numbers on the bottom of the Hummel figurine. It will be hand wrote in the porclian with the glaze over it. It may be hard to see.

  25. Mel says:

    I have the Hummel Umbrella Boy and Umbrella Girl. These were bought by my grandmother from the Hummel factory in Germany while my grandfather was stationed there. I am a bit confused, because according to the trademark stamp, they were manufactured between 1964-1972, yet the year engraved on the bottom reads 1957. There is also red marker writing on the bottom. These are item #s: 152/0B, and 152/0A

  26. Korin says:


    Hummel figurine 152/0A and 152/0B retail for the following prices
    1952 $900-1100 (USD) each
    1964 $775-875 (USD) each
    1972 $750-775 (USD) each

    Auction prices can be up to 1/3 the retail value and ebay may even be lower in price.

    I will need to see the trademark to tell you more about the date. You can send pictures to


  27. Katrina Espie says:

    What is the value of a 1957 “little helper” with no box? It is in excellent condition. And I also have a hummel hutch that is like 4ft wide, atleast 6 ft tall and has 4 shelves in it and lights up. What is that worth?

  28. Bob Miller says:

    My mother had 4 Hummels when she did 20 yrs ago, two of them purchased for her in the early ’60’s my her brother on a trip to Germany, two purchased for her by my father for Christmas from a fine department store in Columbus Ohio around the same time. The problem is that each one has the tiniest chip somewhere: the pigtail ends, the tip of a feather, some tiny end of something. What percentage does this damage the value of the item?

  29. Hi Katrina,

    The 1957 Hummel “Little Helper” retails for $200-$210. The auction value is approximately $65 dollars. The hutch I would need to see pictures of. You can email pictures to

  30. susanne says:

    I have 4 hummel 8″ 3 boys and 1 girl one of the boys has the Goebel w/Germany under the stamp and what looks like a signed in brown Goebel signature with stamped w/152/IIA looks like one of the other boys has a stamp with the second figure from the 1950-1955 with the number 152A marked into the boy. Any guide lines would be great. Thank you.

  31. Nicole says:

    I have a Hummel given to me by my grandmother. A friend had given it to her many years ago. I have scoured the internet looking for clues as to the value. So far I can only find that it vaguely resembles #214 and #220 We Celebrate.
    Mine has no base, the girl has light blue flowers in her hair, the colors are muted and matte. Not the high gloss and bright color of the 214 and 220 I’ve seen.
    Now the even more confusing part for me. On the bottom of the boys right foot (underneath the figurine) is the blue “V” with something also stamped inside that. But, it doesn’t look like the stylized bee. It’s definitely not the full bee. It almost looks like an A. To the right on the other shoe is stamped “Western Germany” in black. Then along the side of his right foot is a hand written number 117 or 1/17. But, I think it’s 117.
    On the bottom of the girls left foot is stamped in blue a small c inside a circle, followed by W. Goebel 1851.
    On the back of the girls dress is impressed into the ceramic M.J. (or is this I? It looks like a capitol J)Hummel. Above the u is a little mark that looks like a small shortened u and also it looks like there are too many m’s in the signature. Maybe that’s just the way the signature looks. I can’t seem to find any clear pictures anywhere to compare.
    I have found numberous figurines that are 220, but, they don’t have nearly the detail of mine and are more garishly colored as well.
    Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

  32. Nicole says:

    I meant it’s titled “We Congratulate” not “We Celebrate”. Sorry!!
    Thanks again!

  33. Hi Bob,

    Unfortunately with Hummel figurines even the littlest amount of damage impacts the value. It will not be a huge impact like crazing has but you will see about 10-25% loss in value. This all depends on the Hummel and its rarity.

  34. Korin says:

    Hi Susan,
    If correct and these have a Goebel w/ Germany TM on the bottom then they are from the 79-90 line.

    152/II A at 8″ is worth retail $1775 to 1800 Auction value is unknown but you can expect 1/3 of the retail value.

    152 A from years 50-56 is worth retail $2300 – 2800. Again auction value is unknown but you can expect 1/3 of the retail value.

    Remember most data available is backdated 2 years. With the economy situation these prices may vary even more.

  35. Korin says:

    Hi Nicole,
    This should be Hummel figurine #214 E from ’58. Its part of a nativity set and was also remade as Hummel figurine #220 and #260 at later dates. Retail value for colored version: $250 – $285. Auction you will see about 1/3 of the retail value.

  36. Doris says:

    I have a made in Japan Stormy Weather music box.
    Can you tell me what the value is, please?
    Thank you.

  37. Hi Doris,

    The approximate fair market value of your Hummel “Stormy Weather” music box is $45.00 (USD)

  38. Cindy says:


    We have a similar question as Mel posted on March 25th. We also have Umbrella Boy & Girl with the identical markings and the 1957 date stamped in the bottom. How do we know if they are from 1952, 1964, or 1972?



  39. Hi Cindy,

    Many times when there are multiple dates on an item it can be hard to determine the correct date. The first date that is stamped on the Hummel figurine “1952” I believe is the first year this lamp was in production. Depending on what trademark your Hummel has should tell you the year the Hummel was made. All three marks have a small variation to them. Without seeing the trademark I can not determine the age of the Hummel. You can send a picture of your Hummel figurine trademark to

  40. Hi Cindy,

    Thank you for the pictures.

    From the pictures I was able to date your Hummel figurines to 1979-91. I put them around 1987. As I said before the earlier date refers to the first year of production. There is a pre 1957 version of this Hummel.

    The estimated retail values for the boy and girl are $725-750 (USD) each

    The estimated auction values are $250-275 (USD) each

  41. Emma Sheridan says:

    I have a Goebel Bottle? with cork stopper, on the bottle it has a boy with what may be a guitar. On the base it has the W G with the crown mark (incised) for 1935-49 and a V with a large bee facing to the left for 1950-55 it also has K.L. 26 an incised letter U and a black letter H. Is this item a jug or decanter etc? and could you tell me the value? Also is this Hummel or just goebel?
    Many thanks Emma

    • Helen Hayes says:

      I also have the same jug, although mine has the Letter L under the V and small black letters in the middle I cannot decipher. It is not aHummel but is a Goebel, would be interested in a suggested price also

  42. Patricia Korn says:

    I have the Apple Tree Girl Figure Hummel but am confused about it’s number. Some sites say it is #141/4/0 for the 3.5″ or 4″ size. But mine shows the number as 141/3/0. The mark is the V with the bee and W.Germany printed under the V. The mark represents the years 1960-1972 I believe.

    Can you confirm the numbers? 141/4/0 or 141/3/0 ?

  43. Hi Patricia,

    Hummel figurine Appletree Girl has the following numbers
    141 4/0
    141 3/0
    So both the numbers above are correct. Each one is a variation for this Hummel figurine.

    Your hummel is from about 1964
    and retails for $210-240 (USD) and about $75 (USD) at auction.

  44. Alexandra Wise-Brogna says:

    I have a M.I. Hummel plate
    5th Annual Plate 1975
    Hum 268
    W. Goebel-Porzellanfabrik Hand Painted
    Rodental-West Germany
    and I am trying to calculate the value. Can you help me with this?

    Thank you,

  45. Hi Alexandra,

    The 5th Annual Hummel plate retails for $50-$75 (USD). At auction you would see around $35 (USD).

  46. Betsy says:

    I have a “Bashful” Goebel figurine. It has 377 stamped on the bottom with what looks like a Oa 82 written on it. It looks to be from the 79-90 period.
    I also have 2 more that I believe are angels 238 B & C. This one has Oa 80 written on it. Could you help me find out how much they would be worth? I have been trying to find out and just can’t find anything.



  47. Hi Betsy,

    Here are the estimated retail values for your Hummel figurines

    Hummel 337 “Bashful” – $225 – $260
    Hummel 238B – $75 – $80
    Hummel 238C – $75 – $80

    At auction the estimated values are

    Hummel 337 “Bashful” – $125
    Hummel 238B – $45
    Hummel 238C – $45


  48. Jeanne says:

    Going through things of my in-laws, I have a figurine of two girls dancing. It is similar to Spring Dance, but is 6.75 in tall. Has mark from 1964-1972 and the number is 353/I. Looks like other mark is 1963 or 7963. Larger version of Spring Dance with a different name, maybe?
    Thanks for your help.

  49. marijke says:

    hello my question is about a black letter H on de hummel 139
    crown and also the hummel 139 is originale 1935-1940
    the dress is totaly orange ,schoes are brown
    butterfly has three dots on her wing ,could
    you tell me de value of this hummel and de meaning of
    the black H
    with kind regards

    • @Marijke
      The retail value of what you are describing is $350 – 550. Auction or resale price would be $125-225.


  50. Heather says:

    We have the entire Hummel annual plate set from 1971-1981. They are in mint condition and still in the boxes. Could you help me with the value of each plate?
    Thanks so much!

    • @Heather,

      The average fair market value for the Hummel plates are $35.00-55.00 per plate.

  51. Lisa says:

    My grest-aunt recently gave me a hummel that she bought in Germany I believe after WW11 I did a little research and found out the name of the hummel is “to market”..little girl with basket in one hand and flowers in the other…both are looking up. The marks on the bottom are 49 3/0 There is also a black letter B. Can you tell me anything about the value of this figurine?

    • @Lisa,

      Approximate retail value for Hummel 49 3/0 ‘To market’ is $250-275(USD) auction value is approximately $95.00 (USD)

  52. Wanda Graham says:

    I have a Hummel?(not a fiurine),that measures about 4 1/2 by 5″.
    The front has a Mother and child w/halo type markings around the heads and the “Mother” has an orange colored top/tunic.The back is marked mj hummel Goebel W.Germany and the the number 48/II,there is also a marking at the top that I cannot figure out.This came from my grandmothers house but no one knows how she aquired it.Does the description ring any bells?

    • @ Wanda,

      This is a plague called ‘Madonna Plaque. These plaques have an approximate retail value of $1500-1750 (USD). Since these pieces are a little more rare you should also see a good auction value. This all depends on the condition and the market.

  53. Marie Winters says:


    I recently inheireted 11 Hummell/Goebel figurines. After hours of net searching, I have determined that all with the exception of one are TMK 2. Many of them have the mark (R) on the bottom and I can find no reference to that mark. Is this just a rights reserved mark or something else? Also, most have secondary, smaller numbers placed elsewhere on the base. What does that signify, if anything? My last question is where can I find a list of figurines by number? I have no idea what some of them are named. For instance, I have a boy, hands in pockets with two pigs and another with a mother and baby goat. Any information will be most appreciated.

    I thank you in advance,


    • @ Marie,

      The numbers on the base of a Hummel figurine are usually the Hum number. This is the number you can use to identify the figurine and find the name. Without the number or the name you will have to rely on comparing pictures to other figurines till you find a match. Most all Hummel figurines have variations and may not match 100%. Remember each figurine is hand painted. The (R) is not important to identifying the figurines. If you need anyother help please let me know


  54. Kim says:


    2 of my mother’s Hummel broke last night and we are trying to determine their value for insurance. One is the Good Hunting figurine with the 1964-72 marking and the other is Barnyard Hero with the 1979-90 marking.

    Thanks for your help!


    • @ Kim,

      Hummel #307 ‘Good Hunting’ For insurance purposes the value would be the replacement value and that is $350.00 (USD)

      Hummel #195 “Barnyard Hero’ replacement value is

      size 3.75″-4.00″ $225.00 (USD)
      size 5.50″ $360.00 (USD)

      Most insurance companies will ask for a written appraisal on the items. If you need help with this please see my appraisal page.


  55. Josh says:


    I have 2 Hummels that I am trying to determine the value of. The first is a 3.5″ tall blonde girl wearing a blue dress with small red dots holding flowers. On its bottom this figurine has the 1990-1999 Goebel stamp with what looks like a small signature marking next to the stamp. The second is a 5″ tall blonde girl with pigtails wearing a red-like dress holding a basket and has a backpack on with what looks like a trowel sticking out of it. On its bottom this figurine has the 1972-1979 Goebel stamp with what also looks like a small signature marking on the bottom. Please help me if you can!

    Thank you so much in advance!


    • @ Josh,

      There should be a number on the bottom of the figurine by the trademark stamp. These numbers identify the Hummel. This would help in the valuing of your Hummels. Once you have this number you can check the value guide if you do not find your Hummels there please post the Hummel numbers in the comments sections.


  56. Kathy says:

    I have two Hummels. Not sure of their age, and one I don’t know the name of it. One is the postman. I have photos of the underside and of them. Can you please help me?
    Kathy Grant

    • @Kathy,

      Your Hummel figurines should have a trademark stamp and number on the bottom of them. The trademark stamp is how you date the Hummel. The little number will tell you what Hummel it is. There is a more detailed age guide in my Hummel Resource Guide. If you can not find the Hummel information you are looking for please let me know.


  57. LouAnn says:


    I found a hummel in a trading shop in a very old florida town today.
    The figurine is 4 1/2″ tall and has incised on the bottom 96. It does show M I Hummel on the round base w/ a name label “sister” but I believe the 96 is for little shopper. Now back to the bottom of the base, another incised number 15 is below & sideways to the 96. No other trademarkings appear. Nothing incised or printed. I have heard of some pre crown pieces that were tests. Could this be one of them and does the sideways incised 15 mean anything. By the Way , the piece was a little dirty but otherwisw no crazing cracks chips at all.
    Can You Tell me anything?
    Thanks and I greatly appreciate your information.

    • @LouAnn,

      Hummel 96 ‘little shopper’ was first made in 1938. Hummel was first made in 1935. All Hummels (besides a very few) have a backstamp. Without this backstamp it is hard to authenticate. Without knowing the date of this Hummel I can not give you a accurate value.


  58. julie says:

    My mother has recently passed away, she has the Aplle Tree Girl music box, Apple Tree girl and Boy figurines all perfect condition , also to complete the set The apple Tree girl/boy plate. ? are they worth anything?

    • @Julie,

      With the Hummels ‘appletree girl and boy’ there are many variation. The price can range from $150.00 (USD) to $1,500.00 (USD). Depending on the size, style, age and condition. The music box and plates are worth a little less around $100.00 (USD).


  59. Tim says:

    Good day Mr. Korin Iverson.

    I’m having a heck of a time finding an exact match for my Hummel. I’m hoping that you can help.

    I have a Latest News #184, TMK 3LS. The front of the newspaper reads: Die Rheinpfalz KAISERSLAUTERN.

    Additionally there is what looks like a lower case g. in black, in a kind of script.

    This piece is in mint condition. I can’t find anything at all wrong with it.

    Is this a common item (I wonder since I’ve had such hard time finding it) and what is the value?

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.


    • @Tim

      Hummel Figurines are each hand painted so there are many variations. Trademark 3 Hummel 184 “latest news’ retails for $450.00 to $525.00 (USD). Auction price is about $85.00 (USD).


  60. Tim says:

    Oops. The g is on the bottom of the figurine…

  61. Tim says:

    One last thing – don’t know if this matters or not, but this piece was purchased in Kaiserslautern Germany…

  62. Barbara says:

    I have a hummel with a stamped 204 and a written 2 then stamped 1949. On the back bottom is M.J.Hummel (which looks like M.J.Hummmml). This is a little girl with one shoe is holding flowers in a basket on one arm and a bluish with poka dots in the other hand. I have searched and searched and can find nothing on this. Can you help?

  63. @Barbara,

    Hummel 204 ‘Weary Wanderer’ trademark one retail value is $700.00 to $900.00 (USD). Auction value is about $150.00 to $300.00 (USD. This depends on the condition and the market at the time.


  64. barbara tuft says:


    I recently inherited five hummels from my mother-in-law and would prefer to sell them rather than keep them.

    None of them say M.I. Hummel but they all have the large bee floating within the V, wings up high. Are these indeed Hummels? I was led to believe that it had to say Hummel or Goebel somewhere on the bottom. There is the word, “Germany” printed in black off to the right of the V.


    • @ Barbara,

      They do not need to say Hummel on them to be true Hummels. The important make is the Hummel trademark stamp. Which from what you describe your figurines have this stamp. Most Hummels do say M.I. Hummel, but in some cases there was not enough room on the Hummel to include this and it was then left off.


  65. Steve Andrews says:

    Hi – I have a Hummel table lamp of a little boy holding a flower sitting up against a fence w/ a tree behing him – stamped w/ a V with a heart in it – Western Germany – stamped 227 – back of base MJ Hummmmel can’t find any info – do you have any pricing

  66. @ Steve

    This is Hummel #227 She loves me, She loves me not table lamp. I think the trademark you described is the 1955-59 if this is true the estimated retail value is $425-$475. Auction value is about $125.00.


    • Steve says:

      Great – Thanks!!
      PS – what’s the difference between estimated retail value and auction value?

      • Retail value is used generally for replacement and insurance values. Fair Market value or auction price is the average price an item has sold for. Retail values tend to be 1/3 to 1/2 higher then auction values but in some cases the FMV will be higher then the retail value.


  67. helen murray says:

    I have a Hummel Infant of Prague figurine. I’ve been looking on line and finding there is more than one design. What can you tell me about this item?


    • @Helen,

      Many Hummel figurines have many variations or designs. Hummel figures are all hand painted and sometimes molded. Even though it is a different design they are usually with in the same value bracket as the similar ones. But in some cases the variation can have a greater effect on the value of the item. To find this out you should consult a specialist in this field. Most auction houses should have someone that can help you with this. You can ask them for a free verbal valuation.


  68. Kim Daymont says:

    I am wondering if there is a website that would tell me what each and every piece is worth in the hummel figurines, books, candles, bells, etc. that I have. E-bay just seems to be an unreliable source. It seems as though people just are picking a price out of a hat. And although I see that you are very helpful, I would hate to ask you the price of each piece I have. But while I’m writing, I might as well ask what you think the price of the 1978,#700,1979#701 & 1980,#702 hand bells would go for. Thank you so much for any insight you can offer.

  69. jeff says:

    I have two that I can’t find reference to anywhere on the internet,”Not For You” #317 with what appears to be a 1950’s mark with the addition of by W Goebel Western Germany also in same color as mark is 4/1100. The other is “Hello” 124/0 looks like 1965.

    • @Jeff

      Hummel #317 ‘Not for you’ trademark 2 approximate retail value is $4,000-$5,000 The trademark 2 is considered very rare. Please verify that this is indeed a trademark 2 though. The Fair market value on this is all over the place, it all depends on when and where it is sold and if the right person is there. Since this has a high value I recommend verifying this with a specialist before making any decisions.

      Hummel #124/0 ‘Hello’ trademark 3 the approximate retail value of this is $350-400. Fair market value is around $100-145


  70. Meghan says:

    Hi, I have just inherited over 50 Hummels. I would like to sell them, but I am not sure how to go about this. Do you have any suggestions? Ebay doesn’t seem to be the way to go. Thanks so much!

    • @ Meghan,

      Ebay is the most unreliable source for prices especially with it comes to Hummel figurines. With this many figurines I would suggest taking them to a local auction house. If you would like a Hummel valuation on these 50 Hummel figurines I can provide this please email me for a cost for the valuation.


  71. Jennifer says:

    I have a hummel of a little girl holding a bowl of feed with a duck on each side of her. On the bottom is the v mark with the bee and Germany in black with the signature of Codr.W. Goebel in blue. The numbers are really hard to see it looks like 107 210.
    Is there a value for this hummel?

    • Jennifer says:

      Or it could be Copn.W Goebel with little black 2 under it.

      • @ Jennifer,

        The Hummel numbers are not matching up to the Hummel you have described. Does the figurine sit on top of a box?


        • Jennifer says:

          no it does not sit on a box. The number also looks like it could be 707 2/0.

  72. michaela says:

    i have a hummel, she has a red kercheif on her head, is holding a white bag (tied in a knot) with blue polka dots in one hand & in the other a bouquet of flowers & a woven basket. has a white apron on. has one shoe on & the other foot is bare. bottom markings: # 204
    has 1949 engraved in it & has the v with a bee goebel & west germany. was wondering it’s value. thank you.

    • @ Michaela,

      This Hummel is called Weary Wanderer. Its estimated Fair market value is $125.00 (USD)


  73. debbie says:

    Dear Korin,
    I have been trying to find out about my little 5 1/2 inch tall Madonna for Years now:( To no avail, I have never found a similar comparison. She is without halo, her robe is very dark blue, and under the opening on the blue robe a blue underdress, which instead showing through a parted robe from the neckline down only shows a small amount of the red dress underneath, near her feet, which have black shoes on. There is a full B in a V on the bottom, a very small possibly script ge in fine line, and the HM with either 50, 60 or 80 (Unsure), but here is the kicker!
    Inscribed on the back of the base is R. Unger.
    Is she rare? A one of a kind maybe? did Unger sign a lot of the Hummel works he created?
    Thanks so much if you have any input, I have been a long time looking.
    Oh and P.S. she is unfortunately Not in mint condition.
    Thank You’


    • @Debbie,

      None of the number you gave me match the figurine. The only one that is close is Hummel number 45 with halo or 46 without halo. These where both made by Rienhold Unger. He did sign a lot of his piece. Hummel 45 and 46 do not come in the 5.5 inch size the smallest one is 10.5. Although there are many size and color variations for this Hummel. I would suggest contacting a Hummel specialist on this one.


      • debbie paulsen says:

        Hi Korin, lol TY for reply, lol I am still trying to find out about her, I googled HM80 and found your site again. I agree there are many variations, but this one truly has me stumped:) Could you recommend an expert to ask?
        You are right on the size issue, I have been unable to find any 5.5 in. It is definitely either HM 50-60 or 80 though, and the tiny ink number is 13… hopefully for good luck. Anyway yes wanted to say thank you for response:) And of course any input still welcome.

  74. debbie says:

    sorry underdress is red:)

    • debbie says:

      lol sorry the little black mark with a magnifying glass is #13

  75. Jennifer says:

    I think it could be 197 2/0

    • @ Jennifer,

      This is indeed Hummel 197 2/0 ‘Be Patient’ with trademark 4. The estimated value of this Hummel is $200 (USD).


  76. Pat Boggs says:

    I have three hummels left by my mother

    Retreat to saftey 201 2/0 date according to your website is 1964-1972

    Little Shopper 96 Date stamp 1950-1955

    Home from Market 198 2/0 date stamp 1950-1955

    All are in excellent condition always kept in a curio cabinet. No chips or cracks. Can you tell the the value of these. I would like to sell them but there seems to be many variations of the same figures.

    • @ Pat,

      Hummel 201 2/0 ‘Retreat to safety’ TMK 4 estimated value is $150 (USD)
      Hummel 96 ‘ Little Shopper’ TMK 2 estimated value is $210 (USD)
      Hummel 198 2/0 ‘Home From Market’ TMK 2 estimated value is $225 (USD)

      The values on Hummels can vary depending on where you sell them and the current condition of the market.


  77. Jennie says:

    I have a Hummel Apple Tree Girl lamp. There’s a 229 stamp on the bottom. In the center bottom the Hummel mark looks like the V with a smaller v inside it–or maybe that’s the bee. At the lower edge of the bottom it’s stamped with “Western Germany”. I think my mother purchased this in Munich in the mid-late 1950s. (We lived there for several years when I was a small child and I always remember this lamp being around.) Is this a genuine Hummel?

    • @ Jennie,

      Apple Tree Girl and Apple Tree Boy are both very popular Hummels. They have been made into just about every Hummel product.

      Hummel 229 ‘Apple Tree Girl Table Lamp’ TMK 2 estimated value is $800 (USD) TMK 3 estimated value is $500 (USD)

      I gave you both values because the trademark you described could be either.


  78. Joy Delmar says:

    I have five Hummels left to me by my father who purchased these in Germany. Each is in excellent condition, two indicated*have the orginal paper name on the back. I would like to know the value of each please:

    Boy W/Toothache* 1964 – 1972
    For Father 1960 – 1972
    Singing Lesson* 1960 – 1972
    Little Sweeper 1960 – 1972

    I also have an angel with a wind blown candle, I do not know the name.
    Thank you Joy

  79. ANGELA says:

    Dear Korin, I have been reading all of your postings and am enjoying learning all about Hummels through your expert knowledge. Through reading your posts, I didn’t come across any info on a Hummel I purchased recently (for a bargain). The figurine is of a light auburned jerry-curled (Shirley Temple look) blue eyed girl. She is wearing an orange bonnet, has blue and red flowers, and green leaves in hair. She is sitting down in a blue off-shoulder, ruffled dress clutching a mustard yellow scarf over shoulders that cascades onto her lap. Wearing white socks and black closed shoes with red button on toe area. She is about 5.5″ tall, and in excellent cond. with very few and minor “scratches” on the bonnet. The color is also beautiful still. Markings on the bottom of piece are: Double Crown Mark, imprints of “X.S.20.” and “B” and also imprint of the number 35. There is also a handwritten capital “H” in red marker. The bottom back of the girl (dress) is also flat but painted. I appreciate your knowledge and hope you can help me to valuate this beautiful piece. Thank you.

    • @ Angela,

      There should be a number on the bottom of the figurine I will need this to identify the figurine. I looked up the number 35 but it does not match the Hummel you described. I can help you further once I know the number.


      • Angela says:

        HI Korin,

        Thank you for responding. I’ve looked at your website and you’ve done a wonderful job with the new layout.
        I have created a blog (since my last post, and supplied the address here for you). This blog site has photos of the figurine in question as well as photos of the and markings underneath. I’ve also blogged about my findings; this also may be of interest to you.
        The only numbers anywhere on the figure at the bottom are as I explained earlier, after re-cheking them. There is a very small impressed (clearly seen when magnified) No “35”, as well as the other numbers and letters that are impressed but larger than the No 35. I have learned that there are Hummel/ Goebel factory samples that may not have made their way out for public sale. I wrote about this in the blog. I hope you can take a minute or two to read through it (it’s not that much) Thank you so much and I will look forward to hearing back from you.

      • Angela says:

        Hi Korin,

        I did more research online through Google Books. I found out that this piece may be one of two bookends; That is why the back is flat. The captital B next to the mold or model number represents “bookends, boxes etc). I think. Going to the library today but I’m still looking forward to hearing any ideas or info you have.
        Thanks again!

      • Angela says:

        Hi Korin, the number “may be” an 85 but it looks like a 35.
        Also, if this is a prototype sample, and never made it to the public, the factory numbers, which I learned are these little numbers we can barely see, and imprinted, are “internal identification tracking numbers”. So that is why perhaps you don’t have this number matching up with a figurine that is on the market.
        Cheers, Angela

  80. ANGELA says:

    Hi Korin, forgot to mention that the Double Crown Mark, is an imprint AND a ink stamp trademark (after checking your guide) from the 1935 to 1949 period. I can take photos and send if it will help. Thanks again Korin…

  81. Joan says:

    Hi, I have a Hummel Club “First Mate” 2148/8 2001 and would like to know the value. Also “Apple Tree Girl” 141 3/0 with the 1991-1999 Goebel mark. Thanks.

    • Korin Iverson says:

      @ Joan,

      Hummel First Mate 2148/B Trademark 8 is worth about $65 (USD)

      Hummel Apple Tree Girl 141 3/0 Trademark 8 is worth about $125 (USD)


  82. Linda Catt says:

    I have a Hummel figurine which is all brown. It looks like a casting or model. It is a girl with a schoolbag on her back. The only marking is a sticker saying that it is a Hummel. Do you have any information?

    • @ Linda,

      Hummel made a few Terra Cotta figurines this maybe one. There should be a number on the bottom of the figurine. With this number I should be able to help you with this figurine.


  83. Chrissy R says:

    Hello. could you please help me? I have a Nativity Hummell – Mary and Jesus on a donkey, she is wearing a blue cover. The code says “Rob 405/A” with the trademark “V” by W. Goebel and W. Germany. I couldn’t find the value of it on the value chart. It’s in good condition.

    thanks in advance!

    • Chrissy,

      This maybe a Goebel figurine and not a Hummel. Goebel used the same trademarks up until the 1990’s. The number 405/A does not match the Hummel number 405/A.


  84. Joy Delmar says:

    Maybe I have done this incorrectly, I posted a question on 7/24. Those who posted after that have received your reply. I will try posting again. Thank you Korin.

    I have five Hummels left to me by my father who purchased these in Germany. Each is in excellent condition, two indicated*have the orginal paper name on the back. I would like to know the value of each please:

    Boy W/Toothache* 1964 – 1972
    For Father 1960 – 1972
    Singing Lesson* 1960 – 1972
    Little Sweeper 1960 – 1972

    I also have an angel with a wind blown candle, I do not know the name.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Joy, I get so many request for Hummel values that I normally do not get the chance to answer back ones with multiple Hummels. This is why I end up putting together a complete value guide for the full Hummel product line.

      Anyway, Your values are as follows:

      Hummel 217 Boy with toothache trademark 4 $180 (USD)
      Hummel 87 For Father trademark 4 $210 (USD)
      Hummel 63 Singing Lesson trademark 4 $114 (USD)
      Hummel 171 Little Sweeper trademark 4 $144 (USD)

    • Joy Delmar says:

      Hi Korin
      Thank you so much for your reply, I am sorry about the multiple request, I did see others and did not realize how time consuming it must be for you. I really appreciate your reply and thank you again.

  85. Lauri says:

    Hi – I am trying to value my madonna & child on a donkey hummel. Per your website, the W. Goebel trademark on the bottome matches the date impressed on the bottom of it (1959). It also has “Rob 405/A” and the number 62 impressed on the bottom. It is 7″ tall. A second question: Where is the best place to sell Hummels? Selling on eBay really seems to reduce the price of the piece. Thanks! Lauri

    • Hi Lauri,

      This maybe a Goebel figurine and not a Hummel. Goebel used the same trademarks up until the 1990’s. The number 405/A does not match the Hummel number 405/A.


  86. Karl says:

    I would greatly appreciate your help. I have a Hummel of the Virgin Mary #95. I need an apx value for insurance. The date stamp is from the mid 1930’s and is in excellent condition.

    • Karl,

      I believe you may have a Goebel figurine. This number does not match up to the Hummel numbers. Is this figurine done by the artist Unger?


  87. mike says:

    I have a small pink pig with the 1964 #4 markings I believe it is a sugar bowl with lid, the #’s are M108A, 1962 I have yet to find any information on this item. please help me if you can. thank you!

    • Hi Mike,

      This does not sound like a Hummel product. This may have been one of the many other figurines Goebel produced. Sorry I can not be of much help with your item.


  88. Jaime says:

    I have two Hummels that belonged to my grandmother and am wondering if you can tell me their value so I can let our home insurance company know in case anything happens to them?

    One is called ‘Just Resting’ and I’ve dated it to 1960-1963 with the stamp at the bottom. It also has an indent that reads 112 3/0 (I think).
    The other is called ‘Wayside Harmony’ and I’ve dated it to 1957-1960 with the stamp at the bottom. It also has an indent that reads 111 3/0.
    Both are perfect with no cracks, chips or crazing.

    Also, I have a third figurine that I know is not a Hummel but I’m wondering if it’s a reproduction? It’s stamped ‘Made in Occupied Japan’ on the bottom.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Jamie,

      The following values are for insurance purposes they are higher then fair market value. When an item is appraised for insurance we use what is called replacement cost this is usually 3 times the fair market value.

      112 3/0 Just Resting trademark 4 $300 (USD)
      111 3/0 Wayside Harmony trademark 4 $300 (USD)

      The one from Occupied Japan can still be a true Hummel there are some Hummels that where made in the US and Japan if you can tell me the number of the figurine I might be able to help with it.


      • Jaime says:

        Thank you for the information.
        The ‘Made in Occupied Japan’ one is larger (about 6 inches tall) and doesn’t have any markings on it except a indented ring on the bottom and the stamp. This is why I thought it was a reproduction but my grandmother had it in her collection of Hummels.
        If it helps, it’s of a little girl with two white geese behind her and she’s holding a spilling bowl of milk. It looks a lot older than the late 50’s-early 60’s Hummels I’ve got.
        Thank you again.

  89. Dick Kestner says:

    How much does the age of a figurine affect it’s value? Most of mine are marked prior to 1960 and I have sone with the #1 trademark.

    • Hi Dick,

      The age has different effects on the value of a Hummel figurine. It can be as little as $10-20 dollars or $1000’s of dollars. It all depends on the rarity of the Hummel figurine. The lower the trademark usually the higher the value.


  90. Judy S says:


    I have a “Just Resting” with the signature on the base, the stamped trademark 4 and incised “112/1″ on the bottom, in what I believe to be excellent condition. She has polka dots (more like rings, really) on her sleeves. I’ve seen pictures with and without the dots and wonder if that is any help in narrowing down the date further than can be done by the trademark.
    Also, on the bottom is a black, stylized, hand-painted “9.”, or at least I suppose that’s what it is. I don’t know what this mark means. It doesn’t look like the signature marks of later figurines, in that there are no initials and it doesn’t appear to be a date; however it is the same type of thin black lettering as the signature marks I’ve looked at.
    Of course, I am interested in the value but am even more curious about the date and the meaning of the black 9.

    Thank you for your kind assistance.

    • Hi Judy,

      Each Hummel figurine is hand painted this is why there are variations so many variations. No figurine is identical. The little “9” is the assemblers number. This is usually a 2 digit number. This number identifies the person who assembled the individual soft clay parts of the figurine. This has no real meaning to collectors. This was used for Goebel production control. Narrowing down the age is a little difficult from trademark 3-8. They used many trademarks for each time period. The estimated value of Hummel figurine 112/1 ‘Just Resting’ is $100-125 (USD).


  91. Marcy G says:

    My mother has the Hummell Happy Traveler #109.It has the small stylized bee, the V and W. Germany on the bottom, also the MJ Hummel signature. 5″ tall and is in excellent condition.

    The thing that we can’t find anything about is that her Happy Traveler has a basket on his back. All of the other Happy Travelers that we have seen do not have this basket. Can you tell me what you might know about this.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    • Hi Mary,

      Could the number be 79 by any chance. Hummel 79 is Globe Trotter this looks just like Happy Traveler but with a basket on the back. Please let me know if this is the number.


      • Marcy G says:

        Hi Korin

        Yes the number is 79 not 109. Thanks.

  92. Ashley Svare says:

    I have a hummel figurine that is small in size, a little boy holding what looks like a lamb and on the bottom the numbers are 68/2/0 (thats what it looks like) and also 1962 and the symbol date stamp looks more like the 1970’s stamp but it has 1962 on it..? It does have etched on the side M I Hummel. What might this figurine be called and what might it be worth or sell for? thank you

    • Hi Ashley,

      Hummel 68/2/0 is ‘Lost Sheep’. There are two dates because this was at a transitional period. They would use molds made in the earlier trademark for the new one. The second date is when the Hummel was painted by the artist. When there are two dates you use the later date as the date for verifying the trademark and date. The estimated value for this Hummel is $45-65 (USD)


  93. Jai Michaels says:

    I have several inherited Hummels from (1950’s) period.
    For example one has the bee inside bold type reversed arrow point and
    numbered 5080. It is a little boy holding 1 sheep and another sheep
    standing in front of him. Boy is wearing short-brim hat and scarf around his neck. Do you know the name of this Hummel?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Jai,

      I believe this is Hummel 64 ‘Shepherd’s Boy’.


  94. Elaine Mattei says:

    A friend is trying to find out about a Hummel figurine she has that is just marked “Made in US Zone” and is also marked “Germany”. It is a little girl sitting, she appears to be knitting and singing along with a blackbird that is sitting on her lap. Can you tell me anything about her? What is she called?

    • Hi Elaine,

      This is Hummel 69 ‘Happy Pastime’.


  95. Elinor says:

    Hello- I have both the apple tree boy and girl lamps with the shades.

    The marking on the bottom is the v with a large bee in the center of the v. Can you give me an idea of what they are worth? Would they be worth more as a pair or individually? I saw that someone else wrote about the lamps and you showed values with trademarks identifications, 2.3, etc. Where can I find the trademark identification?

    • Hi Elinor,

      The trademark is located on the bottom of the lamps. Each Hummel lamp has a separate value. They will be worth the same or together. The important thing is what date they where made.


  96. Peggy says:

    I have a set of Hummel 10″ lamps.They have a solid V and a bee that would date them from 1950-1955 which is the time period in which they were purchased. However on the bottom stamped into the mold is 1935 on one and 1936 on the other.What do those numbers indicate? There is a also paper label that is marked K441A on the bottom of one lamp.
    Thank you

    • Hi Peggy,

      They would use molds made in the earlier trademark for the new one. The second date is when the Hummel was painted by the artist. When there are two dates you use the later date as the date for verifying the trademark and date. As for the paper label I do not know what this refers to. There should be a number on the bottom of the lamps. If you can send me this number I can tell you what lamps you have?


  97. Bryan Aumiller says:

    I have two older pieces that I was given that I was told were Hummels, but when I look at the markings that you have on your page, it doesn’t have any of them. The bottom of each figurine has the marking “Authentic Hummel Figure Produced by Ars Sacra Made in USA” on it. Etched on the top of the base of each figure in cursive is B. Hummel. The sides of the base have the year 1942 and one of them has the name Herbert Dubles. I can’t make out the other name on the other figure. One figure is of a little girl standing with one hand in her pocket and the other holding a book that she is reading. She is wearing oversized slippers. The other figure is a little boy also wearing oversized slippers, with what looks like a flute held in one arm, and the other arm is holding a rolled piece of paper which could be music. I could send you pictures if this would help, but I was wondering tell me anything about these figures.

    • Hi Bryan,

      Is there a number on the bottom of these Hummel’s?


      • Bryan Aumiller says:


        There is no number that I can find on the bottom of either figure. The only numbers that I can find are what I presumed was the year, etched on the side of the base, which is 1942. What would be the best way to get you pictures of these figures, since that might be the best way for you to get a feel for them?


  98. Stephanie Dee says:

    Hi there,

    I have the followin hummel/goebels that I keep finding various values on or cannot find a value at all for.

    3rd Edition annual bell hum 702
    “Bless us All”
    “A childs Prayer”
    “Telling her Secret”
    “Doll Mother”
    “Mother Embracing Child” (not sure if it is a Hummel or just a Goebel”

    and help you could give me would be great.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Can you give me the Hummel numbers for these Hummels? They will be on the bottom of the figurines.

      Hummel 702 1980 ‘Thoughtful’ annual bell is worth about $20-30 (USD)

      I can give you the values for the other Hummels once I have the numbers.


  99. Carol E. says:

    Im confused about the date chart above ranging from 1964 – 72 as my hummels show that mark. However they are date stamped differently, Meditation #13/2/0 – 4″ – 1962, Retreat to Safety (?) 6×5 # 201/1 – 1948 and Village Boy (?) #51 2/0 – 1961. Any clue why and can you give me a value?

    • Hi Carol,

      They would use molds made in the earlier trademark for the new one. The second date is when the Hummel was painted by the artist. When there are two dates you use the later date as the date for verifying the trademark and date.

    • Hummel 13/2/0 ‘Meditation’ trademark 4 estimated value is $75-100 (USD)
    • Hummel 201/1 ‘Retreat to Safety’ trademark 4 estimated value is $175-200 (USD)
    • Hummel 51/2/0 ‘Village Boy’ trademark 4 estimated value is $110-125 (USD)
    • Cheers,

  • Carol E. says:

    Thank you so much!

  • Jacquie says:

    I have a figurine which was donated to my church and I would like any info if possible. It has the incised Double Crown marking. Full Bee inside of V is stamped. Initials M or H and J. Stamped Germany. The # is 31 but does not in any way shape or form resemble the pictures I have seen of Silent Night with Black child. This figurine is 7″ tall. Has dirty blond hair. Is wearing a long redish brown long sleeve gown. The right arm is bent at the elbow with 2 fingers raised (as if I promise or I swear). There is also a sheep at the base of the right foot. What do you think? Is this counterfit?

    • Hi Jacquie,

      This maybe a Goebel Figurine. Goebel used the same trademarking on all their products until the 1990’s. So Goebel figurines have the same markings as Hummels up until this time. I looked though my Hummel resources but did not find one that resembles the description you gave me. If it has the Goebel trademarking there is less of a chance that it is a counterfeit. I believe this to be a Goebel figurine, But without seeing it I can not tell you for sure.


  • Elizabeth says:


    I have several hummel left to me by my Grandmother, three of which are in pristine condition. I am curious about the market price of the undamaged ones.

    The first is Boy with Cello Trademark 1 with the stamps of Made in U.S. – Zone and Germany. It has the signature trademark as well with the imbedded # of what looks like 186 but I honestly can’t make it out too well. It is also signed Ma (or so it seems) and 3/49.

    I also have an Accordian boy w/ brown bird stamped Germany and the other trademarks as well as the signature of S with a line coming off the bottom of the S and 4/8

    And the other is the 1960 – 1963 trademark of a boy and girl with flute and a lamb under a tall crucifix fencepost. Also with the trademarks required.

    Can you possibly help me with the value of Boy with Cello specifically. I am curious about the others as well but if he is worth what it seems like he is I really need to up my insurance to cover him.

    Thank you for any help in advance,

    • Elizabeth says:

      Sorry. I just saw your value guide! I will look through that first and try to help myself first. I will let you know if I have any other questions.

      =D Lizzie

  • Leslie says:


    Last year I bought a Schoolboy figure in an antique shop in Budapest for $250. They gave me a paper with it saying it wasa 1930s Hummell.

    I didn’t know anything about Hummells at the time, now I see there is no trademark stamp on the baseand no incised signature. There is a red C on the base in a circle.

    Is this a fake? It looks quite old.

    I am back in Budapest and saw a Wayside Devotion with the incised crown stamp on the bottom, it is priced at $312. Is this a good price for this piece?


    • Hi Leslie,

      With out seeing the figurine it is hard for me to tell you if it is a true Hummel or not. As for Hummel 28 Wayside Devotion I will need to know what trademark it is and what the number is if it is 28/II, 28, 28/III. Once I have this information I can tell you more about the figurine.

  • Val Peterson says:

    I’m curious about a Hummel that I have. It is not marked on the underside except with a number III/53. The figurine is signed with the same signature as listed above under 1935-1940 without the copywrite. Do you know age and value?

    • Hi Val,

      Hummel 53 does not come in the III version. Is there another number on the bottom of the figurine? If it has the trademark from 1935-1940 the age would be between those years. It is hard to pinpoint a Hummels age.


  • Leslie says:

    Thanks Korin. Does this mean that some figurines that don’t have the trademark or the incised Hummell signature can be authentic?

    I looked at the base again, in fact the C is in brown paint and there is no circle.

    I’ll go back to the store and have another look at the Wayside Devotion for a closer look at the trademark.

    I appreciate the time you took to reply to my question.

    • Leslie,

      It is unlikely for a Hummel not to have its trademarking. Hummel put this on all its products.

  • Brian says:

    Hello, I have 2 Hummel figurines, they are unpainted. One is a boy with his hands in his pockets, no. on base 95 and 71 in smaller letters. The other is a boy holding a lamb and another lamb at his feet, no. on base 64 and 36 in smaller letters. Both have the dark V with the large bee and (R) next to it. The first one has signature on side of base but the second one doesnt. Any info on these would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi Brian,

      Hummel 95 or 71 is not matching your description. Hummel 64 is Shepherd Boy. Since these are unpainted it is hard to value them. It will all depend on where they are sold and if the right buyer is there. The trademark appears to be TMK 2. A painted one sells for about $200 (USD). Let me know if there is another number on the other Hummel.


      • Brian says:

        Hi, thanks for the reply. The Shepherd boy is the one without the signature on the base, which made me wonder if it was a fake or not. although underneath looks authentic with the trade marks.
        I’ve just checked again, and the other one, 95 / 71 is deffinately the correct numbers and no other numbers on it so thats a bit odd.
        I presume a painted one is worth more than unpainted.

  • Leslie says:

    Hi again Korin,

    I went back to the store and looked at the Wayside Devotion figurine again. The base has the incised crown trademark with a blue crown trademark next to it. It has the number 28/2 and the Hummell signature.

    There is also a long number, 6 àr 7 digits with a slash, hand written in fine blue ink on the base.

    The figure looks in good condition with no crazing. They are asking $319 for it.

    • Hi Leslie,

      I would say this is over priced. The estimated value for Hummel 28/II is about $300 (USD) but in the current condition of the Hummel market I would put it 25-35% lower.


      • Leslie says:

        Thanks Korin,

        I got it down to $267, higher than what you estimate, but I figure I saved on postage.

        In another store I saw a TMK 1 Double Crown Little Fiddler for $371 but the clerk said I could get it for half price ($185) if I paid the seller directly.

        I think this is a rare figure, I’m wondering if it’sa bargain.

        I went back to the store where I bought the Schoolboy and told them it was a fake. They had another Schoolboy, TMK 5, which I took in exchange. As I paid $196 for the first one, I got seriously ripped off!

        Thanks again for your advice.


        • Hi Leslie,

          With Hummel ‘Little Fiddler’ there are 2 Hummels #2 and 4. For Hummel #4 TMK 1 the price is about $200.00 (USD) For Hummel 2 TMK 1 the price is much higher at $650.00 (USD)


  • Leslie says:

    Thanks for your help Korin.


  • Sandy says:

    Hi, I have a Hummel Chimney Sweep, 4″ tall and 1 3/4″ across the base that does not have a trademark. It is signed MJHummel on the side of the base. The bottom is donut shaped with insized markings: rr 12 2/0. There is also a painted mark that is either a U or C. I could not find anything like this on the internet and wondered if it’s a real or fake Hummel. Thanks, Sandy

    • Hi Sandy,

      12 2/0 is indeed Hummel ‘Chimney Sweep’. Since it does not have a trademark it is hard to authenticate it as a true Hummel. There are some Hummels without a trademark but have to be authenticated by a specialist. If this is indeed a true Hummel then the value would be between $90-210 (USD) depending on the age of the figurine.


      • Sandy says:

        Thanks for the information, Korin. Sandy

  • Allegra Kelley says:

    Allegra Kelley said:
    Hi Korin,
    I hope you can help me! I have a M.I.Hummel Merry Wanderer Plaque, I am confused by the markings on the back! There’s a 92 at the top, in the middle there is a raised ceramic diamond shape and the most confusing part is the ingraved signature a scripted M. I. Hummel, a copywrite circled c, a line_____________, with 1938 and it was stamped with the V and the bee with another copywrite circled c, W.Goebel and West Germany, all tiered and an open circle cut out at the bottom. The problem I have is I was told the scripted signature, the 92 & 1938 from the 1935-1949 time period (it does not have the W overlaying the G), but the V with the bee is 1964-1972 time period. I have tried to research this but can’t find any others to compare mine to. One email I got back said That it is considered a rare signature stamped Hummel but did not know the worth? Help Please!
    Thank you, Allegra Kelley

    ***Hi Koren, I wanted to ask if you were able to identify and price the “Merry Wanderer” plaque by the email pictures I sent to you?

    Thanks so much, Allegra Kelley

  • Jen Harwood says:

    Hi Korin!

    I have a m J hummel madonna – 40/6, it’s ivory, no coloring, with a full bee mark – any ideas about how much it might be worth?


    • Korin says:

      Can you check the TMK again please? There is a Madonna w/o halo with a number 46/0 but no Madonna figurine with a number 40/6


      • Jen Harwood says:

        It’s the one without the halo…I found it here as well, just not sure if the price is accurate:

        thanks so much!


        • Korin says:

          Without the trademark(TMK) this Hummel could have been made anywhere between 1935 and 1979 and that its value could be $40 to $175. please look at the chart at the top of the page to determine which TMK is on the bottom of the Madonna and I can give you a better idea of the worth.


  • donald wood says:

    I have a hummel marked west germany 1967 called the shopper #53 wondering the value and how rare this one is

    • Korin says:

      Are there any other numbers on the bottom of the figurine? The closest one I can think of that matches your description is Hummel 96 ‘Little Shopper’


  • Diane says:

    I have the “Little Helper” Hummel #73. On the bottom, the words Western Germany appear to the left of the V and bee symbol. I haven’t seen this mark on any others – most say W. Germany. Can you tell me anything about it?

    • Korin says:

      Can you please email me a pic of the bottom of the figurine to as this would greatly help in the determination of its age and value.


      • Korin says:

        What we do in cases like these is to go by the TMK. The only real difference between the marks in 1957 through the 1972 is the usage of W.Germany (in your case Western Germany)and then later with Goebel. I would put this figurine somewhere between those periods and therefore estimate this has a fair market value somewhere between 49 and 63 dollars. Hope this has helped.


        • Diane says:


          Thank you so much for the information. This is one of six Hummels I’ve just inherited and I was interested in finding out more about them. Your website is a great research tool and I’ll check it often. Thank you!

  • Christine says:

    I have a Hummel figurine depicting a boy and a girl on a fence with a lantern and with 2 lambs on their feet.The stamp on the back is in old german writing saying H.J.Hummel and on the bottom the indentations(2) are unreadable but I think one is a V.Can you tell me how old it is and what the value is.Thank you!

    • Korin says:

      If you could please send me a couple of pictures of the side and bottom (as clear and detailed as you can manage)of the figurine to it would greatly help me in trying to find its name and value.


  • Jen Harwood says:


    Oops! Sorry about that! It has a V with the Bee and W. Germany under it, so I guess the date range is 60-72. I do appreciate your help!


    • Korin says:

      With that TMK it would have a fair market value of aprox. $50-$55


  • Faith Tuss says:

    Hello! My mother-in-law had a collection of Hummels in which I’m trying to obtain the value (of a few of the figurines). I was ondering if you could help me identify the following values of two types I found:

    Goebel Hummels:
    Boy in Apple Tree w/dog at the bottom – 56-A
    Boy Holding Lamb – 68/2/0, F 1962
    Boots – 143/0, 1986

    Kelvin’s Hummels:
    Umbrella Boy – C-331
    Song Time – C331


    Faith Tuss
    Dayton, Ohio

  • Mark McGee says:

    Hi Korin! I have been collecting Hummels for over a year now and have been fortunate to acquire quite a few TMK1 figurines at a good price. I have two in particular that are “Sensitive Hunter” 6/0. Both are nearly identical with full incised crowns. Each has mild crazing on top of base only. Otherwise they are perfect. Both have “H” suspenders. Both are marked 6/0.(with decimal point) The one with less crazing, however, has a more deeply engraved number and decimal which are completely black. The signature has a K in it followed by what looks like 10/8. Could this be a sample? Mark

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hi Korin! It’s me again. I’m still hunting down info on some hummels (Trademark 1) that I have. Values are not really the problem right now. I just don’t even know what they’re names are and so I’m having problems finding any info on them since I don’t know they’re names. If you or anyone else can help with thier titles then I would be very appreciative.

    I have 4 figurines all musical boys. 1 standing with a cello and green striped slippers on his feet, 2 boys singing with a sheet of music in one of the boys hand, 1 sitting and playing an accordian and another with a fiddle. They are all trademark 1.

    The other one which I haven’t a clue where to start is of a boy and girl sitting on a fence rail with a crucifix in the sign post on the right side and two little lambs laying on the grass in front of them. This one is trademark 3.

    • Korin says:

      If you could please send me a couple of pictures of the side and bottom (as clear and detailed as you can manage)of the figurines to it would greatly help me in trying to find their names.


      • Elizabeth says:


        I fear my camera is not up to par but I have sent a few photos in the email.

        Thanks again,

  • peter says:

    hi korin,

    someone just gave me her collection of 11 hummels. i have done some research on their titles and markings. next i would like to know their approx. value and the best avenue to sell them. do you have suggestions?

    thanks for your help. your past responses are a great service!

    • Hi Peter,

      For 11 Hummels I would suggest my value guide. The best avenue to sell them is auction. I am not a fan of eBay and do not suggest selling them there. You can try a site called Rubylane. I have not personally used this site to sell but I have heard many good things about it. There should be a number on the bottom of the Hummel’s this will help you identify them. If you need help with this let me know.


  • Tamara says:

    Hello, my mother is a collector she has about 100 and I am looking at getting her a cpl form xmass that I have found in an antique store. I am pretty sure they have no idea what they have b/c one of them is priced at 16.50. I would like to know if I told you the markings and date stamp and number if you could tell me just how good of a deal I am getting. I am pretty sure I can get pictres of them as well. The reason I am questioning is some are the more recent 1990-2000 and I have never bought any sence M.I. Hummel has passed on so I do not know the worth of the ones that are not her original design.

    • Tamara says:

      One of the Hummel’s are Spring Blossoms BH/3/2/0 Goebel 2003 China…..the next one is a 1993 stapmed 479 I brought you a gift there is nothing wrong with her and they are asking 16.50….the next one is 1992 4B 629 from me to you. IF you have a better idea of what they are worth, pls. Thank you for your help.

      • Tamara,

        Goebel made their Hummels in Germany so the one from China I would say is a reproduction. This could be why it is so cheap.

        Hummel 629 ‘From me to you’ only can in trademark 7 the estimated value for this Hummel is $65-75 (USD)


  • Rowena Macnab says:

    I have Little Scholar (80) about 5.75 inches tall. I am having trouble finding a mark on the internet that matches what is on mine. It is the V with a small bee inside and there is also something (maybe another small bee) outside the V and down on the right. It says “Western Germany” not W. Germany like all the pictures I see on the internet. To the right of the V, outside the circle are two black dots. Can you help me to identify this mark and possibly it’s value?

    • Rowena,

      This sounds like trademark 2. There are many versions of this trademark. The estimated value of Hummel 80 ‘Little Scholar’ trademark 2 is $200 (USD)


  • Michele Shelton says:

    I have a Hummel of a young boy holding a horn in his right hand and a pony with wheels on the bottom in his left hand, 239/C with a backward small ‘c’ beside the capital ‘C’. Also the handwritten initials ‘da’. Your age chart indicates that my figurine was made between 1972 – 1979. However, there is a stamp on the bottom, into the porcelain (not ink), that reads 1967. What does ‘1967’ indicate? Thanks.

    • Michele,

      Many times a raw figurine will have a date from the previous trademark on it (this is when the figurine was made). The finally trademark was not put on the figurine until it had been painted. When determining the age we use the latest mark. Which would be the trademark 5 in this case.


  • Jacqualyn says:

    I have #34 Boy singing with bird. It is signed on rim of ash tray Next to the Boy sitting. Has a blue V with a bee on the back. Has 07 ingraved into bottom as well as 34. It says Germany and has small black 5 on the bottom as well. What does the 5 mean? What does the 07 mean? When was it made? How much is my ash tray? I think it makes a differance with the signature on the top of the rim. It hold 3 cigerettes. I know it’s real but i just wanted to know if all those markings make a differance in price??

    • Jacqualyn,

      The 34 is the Hummel number. The 5 is the quality control number this was used in house. It was the number of the person that assembled the soft parts before it was fired. This number has no effect on the value of the Hummel. Same with the 07. Is the bee a small bee (you can tell this because it fits in the V) or a large bee (it does not fit in the V its wings are above the top)?


  • Mary says:


    I’m helping a friend out trying to identify three hummel figurines, I’ve spent a day trying to do my own research but I keep finding large variations in pricing and info and have not yet found the exact same figures as to what my friend has.

    The first is the “little school girl” #81 (i believe she’s a tmk 1..she has a very hard to read incised crownmark on her base but no full bee stamp) she has the hummel signature on the top edge of her base. She does have a chip on the inside edge of her round base. Barely visible when she’s on display. She has the empty basket, cross hatched backpack, and hair that flips up. 5.5″ tall approx

    The next is “the merry wanderer” marked 11/0 and has a full bee (1950-55) in blue set within an incised circle, plus the word Germany in black. His base is rectangular but not separated into quadrants. He has 5 buttons, his sock shows on his leading leg and his lashes point downward. Hummel signature again on the base. Tiny fleabite chip on underside of base. 5.5″ tall approx

    The last one I know the least about:
    She looks like a little angel sitting down blowing a trumpet and has an empty bucket (?) beside her. Is she busking?? lol anyways her base is so tiny it’s hard to read the numbers but I think it’s III/40/0 with the 1960-72 bee mark in blue(w.germany underneath). She sits at approx 2″. I’ve found similar ones online, but they all have plain dresses (whereas mine has little blue “c’s” all over her orange dress and her bucket (for a lack of a better word) is a straight cylinder instead of the tapered ones I’ve seen.

    Thank you so much for any insight you are able to give me!

    • Mary,

      1.) This is Hummel number 81 ‘School Girl’ She is TMK 1. TMK 1 was the only one with a empty basket. The estimated value is $325 (USD). With Hummels the information vary because there are many value guides out there and most have unrealistic values. Another reason this happens is the market is always changing. Value and price guides are usually 1-2 years out of date before they even hit the shelves.

      2.)Hummel 11/0 ‘Merry Wanderer’ TMK 2 estimated value is $275 (USD).

      3.)Hummel III/40/0 ‘Angel, Joyous New With Trumpet Candle holder’ TMK 4. The ‘bucket’ you describe is a candle holder. Each Hummel is hand painted this will result in many variations. Estimated value is $57 (USD).


      • On Hummel 81 you will need to take 25% off the price for the chip.

  • Mary says:

    I should add the little angel also has half of the hummel signature on her back. it reads “humm” before the “bucket” gets in the way!

    • This is because the figurines are so small they only put 1/2 the Hummel signature on them.

  • Ashley says:

    I have 6 hummels. I was curious to how much they are worth?

    “lets sing”-1960-1972, #114

    “Apple tree girl”-1979-1990, #141 3/0

    “Girl with nosegay”-1979-1990, #239 A

    “Little Gardener”-1979-1990, #74

    “Angel serenade”-1964-1972, #214 D (i think thats it. its hard to read that one.

    “little gabriel”-1960-1972, #32/0

    on the “girl with nosegay” it was hard to tell which year it was from because it has the C with cirlce Goebel with W.Germany under Goebel.

    It doesnt have the bee on it like the one witht he C does though. Is this still a true hummel? It has M.J. Hummel on the base.

  • Kirsten Johnston says:

    I have a hummell figurine, number 317, Not For You, dated 1955; but the trademark is what is throwing me off. It looks like trademark 5 with the Goebel and the V with the small bee over the “e” and the smaller W. Germany under that line, but that trademark should be 1972-1979. It also has in cursive in black what looks like Rn 79. How do I know what is the correct trademark?


    • Kirsten,

      You go by the latest TMK. This would be TMK 5. In some cases they use the left over figurines from the previous TMK. Then when the figurine is painted it gets the current TMK. So for dating, appraisal, and value purposes we use the latest TMK.


  • Sheila Ross says:

    I have what I believe is called a “Flower Madonna” with the stamp H M 55 on the base. It is 13-1/2 inches high, has no halo, no child, praying hands. I have not been able to find this madonna anywhere. Can you help?

  • Sheila,

    This is a Goebel figurine. Most likely it was done by artist Reinhold Unger.

    I can not tell you much more then this sorry. I am working on a Goebel guide and finding a price guide for these. There is little information about the other Goebel products.


    • Sheila Ross says:

      Thank you. I’ll keep looking.

  • Kathy Nolte says:

    Hi Korin,
    I hope you can help me. I have a figurine of the Baby Jesus, lying on a cloth on top of hay. The MJHummel signature is on the cloth portion of the figurine. The figurine is 6″ by 4″ and approximately 2 1/2″ high. The bottom is stamped with the V/bee trademark, along with Germany, and the number 18. I know this has been in the family for a very long time, but do not know how long. My grandparents were from Germany, so I do not know if they brought it to US with them. Are you able to tell me the age or value of this piece? Thanks, Kathy

  • Kathy,

    Hummel number 18 ‘Christ Child’ without know if it’s TMK 2,3 or 4 its hard to give a specific value. The estimated value range is 175-275 (USD).


  • Jeff says:

    I have figurines of Hansel and Grettel with cottage. These are Hummel replicas made in “Occupied Japan”. Does these have any significant value?

    • Jeff,

      Hummel replicas usually hold little value. The estimated value for these are $20-30(USD)


  • Lesley Funk says:

    Korin —
    I hope you can help me.
    I have a small Hummel.
    It is about 2 inches high.
    She is a girl with angel wings and holding a small guitar. She is wearing a blue dress.
    I think the trademark, according to the chart, looks like trademark #5. There is a number engraved/embedded in the figure which looks like 38/0 OR 68/0.
    It is also signed and says “Lee 74″.
    Can you give me an idea of the value of it?
    And if I want to sell it, where is the best place to look — an antique store or auction house or the web?
    Thanks – in advance — for your help.

  • Lesley,

    This is Hummel 38/0 ‘Angel Joyous News w/Lute’ This should be a candle holder. From the artist signature I can tell it is a TMK 5. The estimated value of this is $55 (USD). I would suggest using a online site to sell this figurine. One you might want to try is


    • Lesley Funk says:

      Thank you!

  • Caroline says:


    I have an old Goebel boy and girl bookends with double crown marks on the bottom. They are dressed very French style clothes. from what i can tell, they do have trademark 1 on the bottom of them as well as XS 662 /0 ?They also have what seems like a hummel/goebel painter’s signature.One of the Goebel signs are in blue and the other one is clear. They have a hole, in which I think the mold was poured to make these. They are in good condition and I’m just wondering if they are worth anything as I bought them in London, England thinking they were pretty. any info would be appreciated.

    • Hi Caroline,

      These are Goebel figurines not Hummels.

      Goebel used the same trademarking on all its products until 1990.

      There is limited information on the other figurines Goebel made. I am currently working on a price guide for these but it will be sometime before it is done due to the lack of information.


    • Jimie says:

      Did you ever find anymore information about your bookends? I also have the same ones with the XS 662/A and 662/B. As with you, I purchased them in England in 1989 and have often wondered exactly how old they might be?

  • christine says:

    i have a hummel pig wall plaque and have not been able to find any others do you know what the value of this would be hes about 7inches tall and has the 1964 mark he is in sitting pose with front legs resting on tummy and a cheery smile i would appreciate any information thank- you

  • paula smith says:

    I have a figurine that has a tape label that says, “Retreat to Saftey In tausend Angsten”.

    Stamped on the bottom is 201/1 and a smaller 36.

    Written in blue is,
    W.Germany (a small c in a circle to upper left of Goebel)

    1948 stamped under W.Germany

    • Hi Paul,

      Hummel 201/1 TMK 2 ‘Retreat to Safety’ estimated value is $300.00 (USD)


  • kathy garrison says:

    Dear Korin, I have 11 Hummels and I was wondering about one-its called “just resting” and the mark on the bottom is 772 3/0 it also has by w. goebel 1938. any idea how much its worth?

    • Hi Kathy,

      This is Hummel 112 3/0 ‘Just Resting’ TMK1. The estimated value is $300.00 (USD)


  • Heike says:

    I have a figurine called Meditation. It has the number 13 2/0 on the back along with the Goebel Germany stamp. Based on your date stamps above, it looks like the one used between 1935-1949. Well, contractors broke the figurine and I need to file a claim. However, I have nothing to show book value for the figurine. Even the Hummel website only shows the smaller version of the figurine with a retail value of $119. What should I do?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Heike,

      Usually for insurance claims you will need a written appraisal with replacement values. I offer these for a small fee you can find all the information here.


  • Paula says:

    Hello Korin,

    I have two Hummels. One, in particular, is the Little Hiker. However, I see a lot of offerings of this Hummel on the Internet and prices vary widely. What I noticed is that the markings on this one are different from the ones that I have seen advertised for sale. This one has the words MI Hummel on the base behind the feet and the stamp is Crown Trademark 1. Did they make this figurine at different times? It also has a gold label on the bottom with the word Bremen on it and another name, however I can only make out Fried….

    Value, if you know?

    Thank you Very much,


    • Hi Paula,

      Hummel number 16 ‘Little Hiker’ has been made from TMK 1-8. It also comes in Three different sizes. There is a number on the bottom of your figurine it will be 16 2/0, 16, or 16/I can you please tell me which one you have.


      • Paula says:

        Thanks for your time, Korin. There are two sets of numbers on the bottom. One is a 16 and the other is a tiny ’75’.

  • Alma says:

    My husband has alot of Hummel figurines but one has S141/0 in the bottom and thru seaching I couldnt really tell w/c year was it made( it’s a very stout priest with a opening at it’s head with a brown hooded clothe)Can u tell how old is it.

  • Hi Alma,

    I believe this is a Goebel figurine not a Hummel. Goebel used the same trademarking for all of it’s products until 1990. I would have to see the bottom of the figurine to tell you the date. You can email a picture to


  • Nathan says:

    I just recently purchased a Hummel figurine, “Heavenly Angel”, on Ebay. I tried to look it up but couldn’t find anything. I finally found advertisements for it but it said that it was 6″ tall. Mine is only about 4″ tall. It is engraved allong the base with the “M.J. Hummel” stamp. It has the “Goebel W. Germany” stamp on the bottom, and also has Li ’86. Please tell me that it is real and the approxamate value Thanks

    • Nathan, The estimated value of Hummel 21 “Heavenly Angel” is $100-120 (USD)

      Merry Christmas,

  • Tim Larimer says:

    I have a bunch of Hummel plates, nativity scenes, figures and bells left to me by my mother. One in particular that I cannot find information about is a village. Title is “Merry Little Village” number A470 with mini figures 235-1 thru 235-7 all in boxes. What would this set be valued at? Is this a rare item? Thanks, Tim

    • Tim, I believe this may be a Goebel figurine and not a Hummel. Can you please sent a picture of the “Merry Little Village” and the markings on the base to me at

      Merry Christmas,

  • Jan says:

    Dear Korin

    Would be able to help me determine that value of the following four Hummels?

    Spring Cheer 72 She is 5 & 1/2 inches high w/the first V Bee pattern shown for the 1950 to 1956 range

    Just Resting 112 3/0 She is 4 inches high w/small bee inside the V like the 1957 to 1960 marking. The blue ink Bee and V are inside an imprinted circle (no ink). It also has a printed circle with a c in the middle just before the words West Germany.

    Merry Wanderer 11 2/0 He is 4 & 1/2 inches high w/a small bee inside the V. Both of which are inside an imprinted circle (no ink). The marking is like the 1957 to 1960 except for the addition of a small blue printed dot located near the bottom of the v (right side)and inside the imprinted circle.

    The above Hummels are in perfect or near perfect condition, no cracks, scratches or crackles to their finishes.

    Little Gardener 74 She is 4&1/2 inches tall and has very fine crackling of the final finish which can be seen with a magnifying glass. It is hard to determine whether the marking on the bottom is the one for 1972-1979 or 1979-1990 possible due to moisture getting under the cracked finished. I thought all of the Hummels had been acquired by my mother before 1963.

    • Jan,
      Hummel number 72 “Spring Cheer” TMK 2 estimated value is $200.00 (USD)

      Hummel number 112 3/0 “Just Resting” TMK 3 estimated value is $150.00 (USD)

      Hummel number 92 “Merry Wanderer” TMK 3 estimated value is $165.00 (USD)

      Hummel number 74 “Little Gardener” TMK 5 & 6 are about the same value at $95.00 (USD) but since there is crazing it will bring the value down to $30 (USD). Since these are mass produced when there is a condition issue it effect the value significantly.

      Merry Christmas,

      • Jan says:

        Dear Korin;

        Thank You for helping me put a value on my Hummels. Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas and will have a Happy New Year.


  • Sky says:

    Hello and Happy Holidays!! I recently acquired 2 M.J.Hummel figurines, first of all I have seen M,J. and M.I. mine looks like a J, which is it? And as for the description one is a Boy carrying a closed umbrella on one shoulder and a travel bag in the other hand. On the bottom is a cut in circle with a Bee in a V but the Bee is about the same size as the V., marked Germany and the numbers 11 2/0 I have found similar ones but not this particular one. And the other M.J.Hummel is a little girl with a watering can looking down at a small flower dotted apron redish colored dress. The bottom is the same accept the numbers are different. They are very faint looking maybe a 7 which looks like a military 7 with the line drawn through it. and the other number looks like a 4 or maybe a 6 it’s really hard to tell. Any information would be appreciated.

    • Sky,

      Hummel 74 is “Little Gardener” this is the little girl one. I will need to know what trademark is on the bottom to give you a accurate value.

      The Hummel with the number 112/0 is not the one you described. The number for “Merry Wanderer” which is the one you described is either 7 or 11. Can you tell me which number you have?

      Merry Christmas,

      • Sky says:

        The little gardener is the Bee that stands higher than the V it has a recessed circle around it. The V-Bee is stamped in blue. And the Merry Wanderer has the same V-Bee in-circled with the numbers 11 2/0 and the boy has 7 buttons on his shirt not 5 like the others I’ve seen. and the little gardener has many more polka dots on her dress as well.

        Thanks for your help,

  • Evan DC says:

    I have two Hummel lamps from 1960-1963. The one in good condition is #228. It’s a little girl holding flowers w/ a lamb behind it.
    The other is #44-A. It’s a boy chased up a tree by a dog. The tree trunk is broke and being held together by the lamp wire.
    Are these worth anything?
    Evan DC

    • Evan,

      Hummel Lamp 44A “Culprits”. Since this is broken its has lost most of its value and would be worth about $30 (USD)

      Hummel Lamp 228 “Good Friends” TMK 3 estimated value is $275.00 (USD)

      Merry Christmas,

  • Tracy says:


    I have always wondered when my “hello” hummel was made. It doesn’t have any of the stamps you have described above. It has an inked stamp – U.S. Zone Germany, hand written 25 4g. and imprinted with the stamp 124.

    What can you tell me about it?


    • Tracy,
      After World War II ended the United States Occupation Forces allowed Goebel to begin exporting figurines. The pieces were marked “Made in US Zone”. There were many variation of this stamp, some of which included the words “Germany” and “US Zone”. These marks signified that the figurines were made in the occupied zone of Germany. All these marks should be treated as Crown marks.

      Merry Christmas

  • Tiffany says:

    One of my priceless Hummel figurines broke into 2 pieces. Can you recommend how it should be repaired? Thanks so much.

    • Tiffany,
      You can have the Hummel repaired there are many specialists out there. I have not personally used one. I can tell you it will most likely cost more to repair the figurine then it is worth. You may want to consider replacing it. Also once it is damaged the value is significantly effected and it will lose most of its value.


  • Joe Pettis says:

    I have a figurine of a setting Mary holding Jesus. it is all white. has HX299/1 on it with the w. germany trademark V bee. 1960. Whst is the value. Thanks.

    • This is a Goebel figurine not a Hummel. There is not much information out there about Goebels other products. Goebel used the same trademarking on all of its products until 1990. From what I can tell the avg. price for these figurines is $100-200 (USD).


  • Peter says:

    Dear Korin,
    I have 2 Hummel figurines. The one “Just Resting” has on the bottom nummer 112 and marks TMK1, the second (siting boy with bird) has on the bottom nummer 89 and marks TMK1. How much its worth?

    • Hummel 112 ‘Just Resting’ TMK 1 estimated value is $450.00 (USD). Is the number 112 or 112 3/0, 112/I these figured have different values.

      • Hummel 63 ‘Singing Lessons’ TMK1 estimated value is $250.00 (USD).

  • Peter says:

    Dear Korin,

    sorry, I correct :
    … the second “SINGING LESSON” has on the bottom nummer 63 and marks TMK1. How much its worth?

  • alicia says:

    I have to hummels that were my grandmothers from Germany I cant identify them though. One is a bot with a sheep around his neck and a sheep next to him with a stick thing in his arm on the bottom there is a full be with an R stamped next to it. the net on is a little girl and boy next to a stand that has virgin mary on it they are looking up and praying it has a wreath on it. the marking on the bottom is a v with a small bee and Goebel. If you can help me that would be great in identifying them and there value.

    • There should be a number on the bottom of the figurines can you please let me know what this number is?

  • Jo Ann says:

    I have a nativity angel with the number 366 on the inside. It also has the date 1964 and a blue stamp that says GOEBEL W. Germany. What can you tell me about it? What would be an approximate value? Thanks!

    • This is Hummel 366 ‘Flying Angel’ TMK4. Estimated value is $165.00 (USD).

  • karla says:

    I have a hummel girl, who is singing, along with a little black bird, while knitting, she is wearing a red polka dot scarf, and has one of the first markings on the bottom from 1935 – 49, I have no idea what to call her, or what she is worth, as I am new to the “world of Hummel” if someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,


    • This is Hummel 69 ‘Happy Pastime’ TMK1. Estimated value is $250.00 (USD).


  • Lynn Kelley says:

    Hello. I have a Hummel, Angel with Trumpet, 238/C. The year 1967 is stamped on the bottom; however, the trademark stamp does not seem to correlate with the year. It appears to be TMK 6, and according to my research, TMK 6 was used from 1979-1990. Can you tell me why the trademark doesn’t seem to match with the date stamped on the Hummel? Thank you!

    • This happens sometimes when Goebel changed between TMK’s. TMK 4 was 1964-1971 TMK5 was 1972-1978 and TMK6 was 1979-1990. TMK 5 and 6 look alot alike. Goebel used the already mouled blanks from the pervious TMK. When this happens there is usually 2 TMKS on a figurine. One when the blank was made and one when the artist finished painting the figurine. When this happens we use the latest TMK for appraisal and vaule purposes.


  • Julie Smith says:

    I have an old Hummel given to me by my aunt when she was in Germany around WW II. It looks like Apple Tree Girl, but one of her shoes is off and there is a dog on the ground with her shoe in his mouth. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Can you tell me more about it and what it’s worth? It does have the bumblebee in the “V” on the bottom with Germany on it as well as W Goebel on it.

    • Hi there should be a number on the bottom of the figurine can you please let me know what number this is?

  • alicia says:

    I have a 7″ MJ hummel “shepard boy” with
    markings V with full bee (R) and also the
    numbers 42/0 and a painted 3. Trying to find
    out the age.


  • Donna Munafo says:

    I just purchased a figurine called Prayer Before Battle. It has #20 on the base and the word “Germany”. The last two letters in Germany are lighter in color than the rest. Also on the bottom there are two letters etched on the bottom. They are very small and may be either RR, BR, 85 or a combination. The horse is lighter in color tha others I have seen on line and the circles on the horse are more muted. It does have the M I Hummel signature on the base. I could not find any other markings. Would you be able to tell me the time frame for the piece? Thanks.

    • Can you please email a picture of the figurine and bottom to


      • Donna Munafo says:

        Thank you. I just mailed them.

      • Donna Munafo says:

        Hi..I just got a email for non delivery. I copied nad paste the above address.

  • Angela says:

    Hi there
    I have 2 Hummel figurines as below (I have looked up their names otherwise I would have no idea!!):

    1. Be Patient (the girl with 2 ducks). At the bottom @ the back around the rim is engraved M I Hummel followed by copyright mark followed by what looks like W in a G. On the underside of the figurine is the large bee in a V with (R) in blue right next to it and with Germany printed in black right underneath. The underside also has the copyright mark with W. Goebel (written in cursive in blue) next to it. It also has a number engraved in it which looks like 197 2/0.
    2. Wayside Harmony (boy sitting on fence with bird). At the bottom @ the back around the rim is engraved M I Hummel followed by copyright mark followed by what looks like W in a G. On the underside of the figurine is the large bee in a V with (R) in blue right next to it and with Germany printed in black. The underside also has the copyright mark with W. Goebel (written in cursive in blue) next to it. It also has a number engraved in it which looks like 111 3/0 (not sure about the 0 in this one).

    I am a bit confused as to which Trademark these belong to as they seem to relate to TM 1 and also TM2 ???? Which one do they belong to and would you be able to help with an estimate in value. They are both in excellent condition with no visible chipping or ‘crazing’ and have not had any repairs etc made.
    Thanks very much

  • Rebeccah V. Schlieffen says:


    I have a mask of a woman (Die Unbekannte aus der Seine) which is stamped with the crown Goebel Hummel trademark and has the number FX/20. It appears to be not be a fake, but I haven’t been able to find any information about it. Could you help me out and let me know what the possible value might be? Thanks!

  • Minerva says:

    I have a hummel figurine and I am trying to find the value of it. It doesn’t have anything on the bottom just the word foreign. It is of a girl holding grapes with her apron.

  • suzy says:

    I have a 5 1/4″ village boy hummel with the 64 to 72 mark you have shown “big V little bee inside V c in circle by w. gorbel W. germany but there is a very vague impression of 51 2/0 but the rim has a 3 stamped on it. it is in excellent condition no chips no wear look absolutely great. but i am not finding a price on this exact one would you consider helping me? I am a student and even a few dollars for the guide is alot for I only have this one.
    Hoping for the best

    P.S. thanks for your valuable time

  • Frank Popelars says:

    Korin Iverson, I have a 14 piece Nativity set that has the 1964-1972 era stamp but all pieces have 1951 printed/stamped on them and embossed 214 and a letter after 214. Also some of the larger pieces have M.I. Hummel signture, but not like 1935-1949.What does all of this mean?

    Thanks, Frank

    • Rod Coenen says:

      I have a 197, “Be Patient”, 6 and 1/4 inch high, from the 40’s or 50’s.
      I am confused as to it being TMK 1 or TMK 2.

      Edge of the base is incised M. I. Hummel, followed by C in circle, and then by the G over W monogram. You show this asTMK 1 1935-1949. Bottom is incised full bee in V, wings above V, no color. You show this as TMK 2 1950-1955.

      Other marks are: Germany (small, black, no “West”, no “U S Zone”), the encised 197, the incised number 2 (small, near or part of full bee), the blue stamped C in circle followed by script
      W Goebel, and lastly an incised numeral 5 colored black. Would appreciate clarification of TMK 1 or 2 and probable years of production.

      Many thanks, Rod

  • Nicole Fox says:

    I have Hummel number 116 that I inherited from my great Aunt. The trademark is actually engraved in the bottom of the figure. It is a full bee with a v under it. There is no color as it is not a stamp. There is also a stamp that says”Germany” on the bottom. Could you tell me which trademark this is and its approximate value?

    • Hi Nicole,
      This sounds like a TMK 2. Hummel 116 is Advent Candlestick Girl with Fir Tree TMK 2, estimated value is $65-85 (USD)


  • Steven Lange says:

    Hi Korin, I have two Dark Green salt and pepper shakers. They are Seals and have, I think, 1960 / 1972 markings on the bottom. Small V with the bee within the V and W. Gremany centered under the V. Can you help with a value. No chips cracks or breaks. Thanks in advance and your site was very very helpful
    Be safe

    • Hi Steve,
      These sound like they are Goebel Salt and Pepper shakers. Goebel used the same TMK’s for all of it’s product until 1990. There is not much information out there on the other products Goebel made. The estimated value for these items are $75-200 (USD)


  • Robert says:

    If a piece has more than one trademark, for example, it has a crown trademark (tmk-1) and one or two others (tmk-2 and/or tmk-3) how do you tell the age? Do you go by the newest marking?

    • Hi Robert, You use the latest TMK so the TMK 2 or 3. This happend when Goebel was changing between TMK’s the raw (unpaited) figurine would be stamped with the earlier TMK (1) and then when the artist finished painting it he/she would give it the final TMK (2).


  • Lyn says:

    I have 3 Hummel figurines that belonged to my mother. One is a seated young girl with a picture book open to a duck picture (#8). One is a young boy in what looks to be over-sized clogs, with a walking stick (16/1). The third is a boy and girl, she is holding an empty basket (94). All three have Hummel identifying marks on the bottom. If possible, could you tell me their names?

    • Hi Lyn,
      Hummel 8 is “Book Worm”
      Hummel 16/1 is “Little Hiker”
      Hummel 94 is “Surprise”


  • Robert L Niblick says:

    I have two Hummel’s which I believe were displays for stores. One has a boy carrying a case mounted on the right side of a oval sign which says “The original Hummelfigures” and a name below. Oval has a bee figure mounted at top. The only markings I can find is #1947 on the bottom of the boy and #187 on the oval. The other figure is the same except is in German with “Verkaufsstelle” at top, “Original Hummel-Figuren” and “Hummelwerk” at bottom. Only marks I see on this one is #205 on bottom of oval. Any help will be greatly welcomed!

  • Can you please send pictures of these to


  • Laura Klopp says:

    I have two Hummels that I have inherited. Any information you can give me would be most excellent!

    1. #63 (incised on the bottom) which I believe is “Singing Lesson”. A boy in a green coat and hat with a yellow bird sitting on his feet. No more than 3″ tall and 3″ in length. M.I. Hummel is on the base. Incised crown mark is on the underneath side along with a stamped “Germany” and “Made in U.S.-Zone”. In excellent condition. No chips, still vibrant colors, and little bit of shine to it’s appearance.

    2. No incised number like the last one, so I’m not sure of it’s title. It is a little girl with wings, sitting down, playing a yellow trumpet, with a cup on her right side. She’s wearing a pinkish/peachy colored dress which has some stars on it. She also has a green purse over her left arm. There is no base she is on, however, there is a hole in the bottom that extends up the length of the figure. On the underneath part of her legs is a stamped “Germany”, the full bee, and a number 6 or 9. There also appears to be part of the signature alongside her dress next to the cup. However, I can only see “Humm” before it disappears behind the cup. There’s not a “M.I.” either. The colors are still vibrant and in excellent condition – no chips.

    Thank you for your time!!

    • Hi Laura,

      Hummel 63 ‘Singing Lessons’ TMK1 estimated value is $150-200 (USD).

      Hummel 27 ‘Joyous News’ (candle holder this is what the little cup is for). TMK2 estimated value is $120-160 (USD)

  • Maija Scarpaci says:

    Hi–while awaiting your response, I found the Robert Miller’s price guide at the library, and it places the value of this Hummel at between $3000-$3500 in perfect condition…is ebay the best route to pursue to attempt to sell this? Would an antique store be better? Thanks, and I look forward to your response! Maija

    • Hi Maija, Robert Millers guide is a great place to start (I even use this guide from time to time) unfortunately it is not current with the market prices now. To get a more realistic value you will need to take about 60% off the $3000-3500 = $1800(USD). The best place to sell Hummels like this is at auction. eBay you will not get the full value for your Hummel. Remember value guides are guides and the end value depends on a lot of factors. The values you find in a guide should always be used a reference. Most value guides are 1-2 years out of date before they reach the store shelves. In this time the market is still changing.



      • Maija Scarpaci says:

        Wonderful, thank you for your time!

  • Ben Germann says:

    I recently purchased an all white Madonna with Halo at auction. The mark tells me it is fron 1972-1979. It is incised with the number HM 190 2/0. I have found other Madonnas with other HM Marks but not this one. Can you help me with any information please. I hva sent photos to

    • Hi Ben, This is a Goebel figurine. I dont not have much information on Goebel’s figurines. Goebel used the same TMK for all of its products until 1990. From what I have found the avg. value for these figurines are $100-200 (USD).


  • Susan Amsden says:

    I was given a set of bookends. A little girl in orange polka dot kercheif kneeling next to a wooden gate with a basket of 3 chicks. The V looks most like the 1959 era, but next to the V is a blurry stamp ” Modern Germany”. What can you tell me about these and how much they are worth?

    • Hi Susan, There should be a number on the bottom of one of the bookends can you please tell me this number?


  • Sheri says:

    I have a small bud vase? with a flamingo on it. It’s about 5 inches high. It has a hummel stamp on the bottom and I’m having a time locating the name of it. An help would be appreciated. Thanks


    • Hi Sheri, I believe this is a Goebel vase. Goebel used the same TMK for all of its products up until 1990. As mentioned before there is not much information on Goebels other products. The avg value for these items seems to be $100-200 (USD)


  • Paul Martz says:

    I own dozens of Hummels purchased between the mid-1950s and early 1960s. Here is one sample:
    “Doctor”- 4 3/4″ – style bee – no damage – West Germany – purchased in 1959.

    What do you estimate to be its value?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Paul,

    Hummel 127 ‘Doctor’ TMK 3 estimated value is $125-175 (USD)


  • Angela says:

    Hi Korin
    I wrote to you on 5 January and am still awaiting a reply. I understand you are busy however there are many others who wrote after me that have had replies. I am wondering if somehow you have skipped mine. Anyway, if you are able to it would be very much appreciated if you could help with my query. I am trying to clarify which TM ‘Be Patient’ and ‘Wayside Harmony’ are as they seem to relate to both TM1 & TM2 and also a current value. Thanks very much for your time

    • Korin says:

      I am sorry for the delay, Angela, here is the information on the Hummels you asked me about on the 5th. Both Hummels are TM2.
      The ‘Be Patient’ is worth approx $200.00 USD
      The ‘Wayside Harmony’ is worth approx $130.00 USD

  • Susie says:

    Dear Korin,
    Would appreciate value of two figurines, both marked M.J. Hummel on upper base. I think dating back to maybe 30’s or 40’s according to your chart. Colors are mostly muted earth tones. Boy walking with umbrella and valise,
    rectangular base divided into 4 quads: left quad with
    11/0 indent, right quad has red “H”, quad under that has crown and CW?? emblem indented. Boy walking with rucksack and feather in cap on round base: Underneath, Crown and CW emblem in green at center, below that same emblem indent, above looks like 82 indent, to left looks like 80 indent, the latter marks a bit worn. Very good shape but dusty (years on shelf or storage). thanks for your help, in advance. Susie

    • Korin says:

      The first Hummel you described is HUM 11 ‘Merry Wanderer’ and if it is indeed a TM1 then it’s worth is $280.00 USD. The boy walking with a rucksack is HUM 82 ‘School Boy’ there are four models of this Hummel that have the dates you claim. I will give you the values to each so you can find out which version you have with greater ease.
      82 2/0 $220.00
      82 $280.00
      82/0 $270.00
      82/II $560.00
      Each of these values are approximate, in US Dollars, and assuming that these are indeed the TM1 variations of these Hummels. The best way to know for sure is to check the latest TM to the chart on the top of this page, that is how we arrive on the date.
      Thank you very much for the question, I hope this helps!


  • Clay says:

    I recently bought a Hummel figurine, “Sensitive Hunter”, that has the following marks.

    On the base, is the “Hummel” signature on the top of the base, and a V-Bee trademark on the bottom of the base. However, the word “Germany” appears under the trademark, rather than “Western Germany”, which is what is displayed on most other examples of this figurine.

    Several things, the hunter’s hair, the position of the rabbit’s ears, the surface sheen, slight crazing, indicate to me that this is a piece from the mid fifties, but I wonder if you can narrow it down closer than that?

    Additionally, my mother collected Hummels for decades (it seemed) and this piece does have a distinctive pinhole on the figurine, rather than the base, which I have been led to believe indicates the point where the figurine was supported while pigment was applied.

    Any help at all will be appreciated.

  • Peter says:

    Hi Korin,

    I have Hummel #11/0 ‘Merry Wanderer’ TMK1 (double crown marks), 6″ tall approx, excellent condition.
    Can you tell me how much its worth?
    Thank you very much.

    • Korin says:

      HUM 11/0 ‘Merry Wanderer’ TM1 is worth approximatly $260.00 USD. Hope this helps!


  • Michelle Strobeck says:

    My Husband and I inherited several Hummel figurines from his mother. We were moved by the military and one of them disappeared. After a bit of research we were able to determine that it was probably called “Goodnight Angel”. It has a V with a stylized bee in blue and “Western Germany” printed to the right of it in black. There is also a copyright mark with “W. Gobel” in blue. The angel has stars on the dress instead of moons. There is an embossed number on the bottom, but from a photograph we cannot be certain of the numbers more than to say it starts with 19 and is followed by either a 5, 6 or 8 and it looks like there may be a fourth number which would be a 1. We need to know what the retail value is for it so we can claim it with the moving company. Thank you so much!

  • Fran says:

    I have a collection of Hummels I purchased in Germany in 1966-1967. They are in mint condition. Could you give me the value of the one’s listed below?

    Baker (123)
    Chimney Sweep Large (12/I)
    Chimney Sweep Small (12 2/0)
    School Boy (82/0)
    Mother’s Darling (175)
    Eventide (99)
    Little Thrifty (118)

    Thanks so much

  • Larissa says:


    I am having a difficult time finding a Hummel I have in my collection. It is an ashtray with the original crown GW mark. It doesn’t have any figurines on it, but it does have two simplistic (Bavarian?) birds painted in the dish facing each other. Is this even a Goebel piece? I can’t seem to find anything similar online.

    Thank you,

    • Korin says:

      While it is possible that this is a Goebel piece it does not appear to be a Hummel. All Hummel ashtrays have figurines on them. I’m sorry I cannot be more help to you, but perhaps this will help narrow your search. Best of luck!


  • craig says:

    Hi, frustrated on behalf of my disabled mother who is not net saavy, finding info on a hummel she bought in a second hand shop. Not found in any books i took out of library. it is a tiny bearded man sitting under a giant mushroom with a ladybug on his knee (it almost appears to be real bug?).
    Has Germany V.X.35 and crown mark indicating 1935-1949 from research. here are two links you can cut and paste to view two pics i uploaded. Any help you can give will bring great joy to my tough little mother who keeps plugging along. thanks, craig.

  • Korin says:

    Hi Craig,

    I believe you have a Goebel figurine and not a Hummel. There is not much information out there on the other Goebel figurines. I believe this is from there gnome line.

    Let me know if you need anything else.


    • craig says:

      hi, i did not know that. i will tell her what you said. thanks for the info, i will dig around a bit to find out more if i can. appreciated, craig

  • Sky says:


    January 3rd, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    The little gardener is the Bee that stands higher than the V it has a recessed circle around it. The V-Bee is stamped in blue. And the Merry Wanderer has the same V-Bee in-circled with the numbers 11 2/0 and the boy has 7 buttons on his shirt not 5 like the others I’ve seen. and the little gardener has many more polka dots on her dress as well.

    Thanks for your help,

  • Paul says:

    Hello, I have a Hummel that doesn’t have the age stamp double marking, but instead has the identification # double stamped over. Can you tell me anything about this happening. I’ve only been able to find this in some older books at the library and there isn’t anything on the web?

  • Bobbie says:

    We have searched everywhere for the value of our hummels that are either monks or friars (don’t know what they would be called) but they have brown robes with belts, bald on top with hair around sides and back. Three piece set, salt & paper with a larger monk. Have you ever seen these? Thanks

  • Hi Bobbie, Can you please tell me if there is a number on the bottom of this figurine?

    • Donna says:

      I am interested in knowing the value of a hummel. The name is Ata Boy ( a red headed boy and a red haired dog with matching tops). The info on the bottom of the piece says Byj7 at the top. It also has a capital V with a smaller v inside of it. And also has Cby W. Goebel and West Germany 1957

  • Pam Stewart says:

    I have a very large Hummel collection. I am thinking about selling this. How/where do I find a fair place to do this? They have many different trademarks.


  • Dyan Burke says:

    I have a To Market hummell from the 1970’s markings and has the number 49 3/0. The end of the boy’s hair has a chip in it. Is this worth anything and if so who would buy it?

    • Ivy says:

      @Dyan, With the market so flooded due to things like eBay the value for damaged Hummels plummets. With such a large pool of mint condition Hummels most the time it is really hard to sell a damaged one. The only time this is not true is in the case of very rare Hummels that are not seen on the market very often.

  • Barbara says:

    I have about 20 Hummels. Since most of them were purchased in Germany, and are older, I don’t have names for them and therefore can’t use your valuation chart (can I?).
    I’m certain they are all authentic Hummels. How can I establish their names and their value?

  • Carmen says:

    My dad has 7 Hummels from an estate sale. Two of them might be fakes. Can anyone tell me if they are authentic? One is Little Shopper #96 but the trade mark doesn’t match any show above. It looks like the 1972-1979 but it has the “C” with the circle around it. The other one is taller & shinier than the others and I can’t find his description online & the number on the bottom is 10/10. He’s wearing a blue jacket brown shorts & a green pointy hat with rope around it. He has his hands in his pockets & the hat has a hole in it like a piggy bank but smaller. The trademark looks like 1950-1955.

  • Ginger Snook says:

    How can I find out about my daughter’s Mother’s Little Helper framed picture. It was framed and matted in Salzburg but no year. Her great, great Uncle got it when he was in Germany in the 40’s while serving in WWII. It is the original frame. It looks like a charcoal?? The following is what is stamped on the back.

    Framed by Maria Winkler Glaserei Glasrandel Bilder Elnrahmunden Salzburg Dreifaltigkeitsg. 9 ?????

    Hummel isp HI on the front ??? This is the Hummel signature.

    Would this have any value and if so???? Thank you so much.