Why do We Love Antiques?

Collecting antiques is a passion shared by many people, from the casual collector to the serious dealer. Despite the modern “Ikea” age of convenience (or perhaps because of it), the enthusiasm with which people seek out these historic treasures remains undiminished. The items coveted and the reasons for seeking them out vary wildly. For many enthusiasts, it is difficult to say precisely what attracts them to an antique. It may be the historical significance, monetary value, or simple beauty… In … [Read more...]

The Resurrection of Collectible Vinyl Records

I remember the first time I listened to a record. I remember reaching into the plastic sleeve with shaking hands to retrieve the round black disk, carefully pulling it out so I didn’t scratch the surface. I remember placing it on the record player and putting the needle down. And I will always remember hearing the first crackly note floating through the air. I know I am not alone in these memories. Ask any vinyl lover and I’m sure they will be able to tell you everything about their first … [Read more...]

History of Disneyana Collectibles

Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Goofy. Who doesn’t recognize those names? Disney collectibles, often called Disneyana, are prized possessions to the true collector.  First, a little bit of Disney history for those of you who don’t know how all of the magic started. In 1923, Walt’s first animation studio went bankrupt.  He moved to Los Angeles to join his brother, Roy, where they started the Disney Bros. Cartoon Studio which was eventually renamed Walt Disney Studios in 1926.  In 1928, they … [Read more...]

5 Popular Patterns of Depression Glass

Currently, the five most popular patterns of Depression glass are Cameo, Mayfair, American Sweetheart, Princess and Royal Lace. I will briefly cover characteristics of each pattern. Depression Glass Patterns Cameo Pattern Cameo was produced by Hocking from 1930-1934. Most of the Cameo a collector will find will be green, though the pattern was made in yellow, pink and crystal with a platinum trim. Pink pieces are very rare due to limited production. Yellow was made only during the years of … [Read more...]

Auction Houses in Southern California that Specialize in Antiques

I had a reader ask for a list of auction houses in Southern California that deal in antiques. I have done some research and provided a list of auction houses that seem to fit the bill. I have given a brief summary of the services they offer. Southern California Auction Houses That Specialize in Antiques: Don Presley located in Santa Ana, Ca. www.donpresley.com Don Presley's services include live in house auctions, live online auctions and consignment sales. Their consignment business offers … [Read more...]

Showcasing Your Antiques – Mixing New with Old

Showcasing Your Antiques: Whether you are a lover of antique art glass or porcelain dolls and have collected a few up to thousands of items, you will want to showcase your treasure in the most appropriate way. You will not want your items stored up in an attic collecting dust, but many times this is what happens when you don’t start off on the right foot as a collector. Are all of your items in storage? Are they packed away in boxes where no one can see them or appreciate them? Why not bring … [Read more...]

For the Love of Antiquing

To some people, old things have little or no value and to others, an one hundred year old item has priceless meaning and value.  One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure as they say! What do we love about antiques? What is it that we love about antiquing?  Everything from the treasure hunt, to the find, to getting a great deal on the item down to the smell of a room filled with treasure.  There is just something about an object from another time which captures our attention.  How a simple … [Read more...]

A Victorian Christmas – Christmas Tree

A Victorian Christmas is very different from a modern day one. Especially the Christmas tree. In this article I will talk about what a Victorian Christmas tree is and how to make one. Christmas Tree History Here is a little history on the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree tradition started in the 17th century inGermany. However many ancient civilizations considered the evergreen tree to be a symbol of life during the Winter months and would decorate these trees. In 1841 QueenVictoria's … [Read more...]